[NEWS] T-ara members share their feelings on the situation that unfolded with Hwayoung’s departure

Mnet has just aired a show titled ‘T-ara’s Confession‘, in which the members of the group were interviewed about their feelings on the situation after the controversy with Hwayoung‘s leave.

The show was aired at 2PM KST on the 20th and showed footage from the group’s visit to Malaysia for their showcase. This also marked the first interview from the group as a whole on the topic of Hwayoung’s departure.

Soyeon carefully opened up the topic and apologized to fans as she commented, “Honestly, we are very sorry to our fans for a lot of things. For the fans overseas as well as fans in Korea, we feel as if we’re always bringing about worries.”

“We are very thankful and touched and feel strengthened by the messages that tell us to cheer up and have strength. However, we feel as if we’ve only done things to make fans tell us to have strength all the time, so we are always sorry. When we go where our fans are, we’re supposed to be paying back for the love they’ve given us, but instead it feels like we leave having earned strength from them instead, so we are always sorry and thankful,” Soyeon and Hyomin shared.

Hyomin, clearly emotional, carefully stated, “It really hasn’t been long since it happened. Of course there were some misunderstanding and there were things that happened…We are..it’s not like that…We ended up just keeping on with promoting and standing on stage right away… I have a hard time thinking to myself, ‘It’ll get better if we keep going on like this’ because every time we stand on stage and get together everyday, we think of what happened and we can’t help but remember it all. So honestly, because of that, I think that we need to do even better and work even harder,” she said, unable to hide her tears.

Hearing Hyomin’s words, the members could not stop their own tears as they reflected on the past events.

Soyeon summed up their current feelings as she stated, “In the past, we stood on stage for our dreams, but now we are standing on stage for those who are trying to be our source of strength and protecting us til the end.”

The group then attempted to dry their tears and lighten up the mood with a discussion on various topics. The girls decided to keep the atmosphere relaxed and natural by talking amongst themselves rather than right at the camera, revealing their opinions as well as their individual quirks on various topics through the honest and open talk session.


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Concert organiser Running Into The Sun (RITS) has announced that one of the hottest and most influential global music acts will be coming to Malaysia. On 8th Dec 2012, 2NE1 will stage their first and one-night only concert at Stadium Melawti. Ticket sales start on 27 Oct with more ticketing details to be released by RTIS within the upcoming week. Strictly a one-night only show with no further addition of tickets.


Embarking on their first ever World Tour, 2NE1 has achieved the distinction of being the first Korean girl group to hold a world tour. Known for their edgy music and unique fashion style which have distinguished them from other K-pop girl groups, 2NE1 have collaborated with world-renowned names such as The Black Eyed Peas, will.i.am, and fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, and gained recognition for their immense talent and influence by picking up MTV Iggy’s “Best New Band in the World” award in 2011.

Guaranteed to be a tour that Black Jacks, as 2NE1’s fans are called, will not forget, 2NE1 Global Tour 2012 in Malaysia – New Evolution is poised to be an amazing spectacle that will far exceed fans’ expectations, bringing an epic, world-class performance that will satiate any fans’ desire to see the girls perform. Coming together to help create the “New Evolution” tour is the ultimate dream team consisting of 4-time winner of the MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography, Travis Payne, who will be leading production and choreography, Divinity Roxx (musical director and bassist for Beyonce’s World Tour), leader of the band following 2NE1 on tour, Michael Cotten (production design for the Olympic Games and Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour) who will be staging a breath-taking production for the tour, and head costume designer and stylist, Jeremy Scott (Madonna, Lady Gaga).

“2NE1 has established themselves at the forefront of K-pop girl groups, and we’re hugely excited to be bringing
them to Malaysia for their first-ever concert here. It’s going to be a sensational feast for the senses, and fans
will be treated to an awesome night of visually-stunning performances. We hope that by bringing in big acts
such as 2NE1, the music scene in Asia will continue to be elevated to greater heights.” Says Beatrice Chia Richmond, Creative Director of Running Into The Sun.

2NE1 Global Tour 2012- New Evolution kicked off in Seoul on 28 and 29 July at the Seoul Olympic stadium to an audience of 20,000 fans, and will be brought to 10 cities in 7 countries throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Greatly anticipated by fans here, the concert is sure to be a feast for the senses with high-energy, fist pumping music accentuated by explosive, dynamic dance moves.

2NE1 Global Tour 2012 in Malaysia – New Evolution is managed by YG Entertainment and organised by Running Into The Sun.
2NE1’s Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/2NE1

For further information, you can visit Running Into The Sun’s official website or facebook page.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/runningintothesun
RITS will also be updating details of the concert via Twitter.(@RITSmy /@sgRITS)

Source : Running Into The Sun

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[INFO] f(x)’s Sulli turns into a chic girl with long wavy hair

f(x)’s Sulli recently took a self portrait and showed off her long wavy hair.

On October 19, Sulli posted a picture on her me2day account, “I took a pictorial yesterday and now I have long hair Jin Ri.”

In the picture, Sulli is showing off her innocent appeal with long wavy hair. Sulli previously appeared on SBS’s series To The Beautiful You, which went off air on October 4. Since she played the role of a girl, who disguised herself as a boy, and kept her hair short.

People who saw the picture responded: “She is so pretty.” “Sulli looks the best with long hair.” “She looks good with short hair and long hair.”

Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin appears with short hair

CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin recently got his hair cut.

Lee had his hair cut to take a pictorial for the fashion magazine Elle Girl and to show off his different look.

The concept for the pictorial was ‘A picnic in the middle of the night.’ Lee looks chic and refined in an over sized outer jacket. His short hair and dream like facial expression drew a lot of attention.

After the photo shoot, Lee talked about appearing on KBS’s weekend series My Daughter Seo Young. He said, “I want to be familiar to the public as a member of CNBLUE and as a new actor.”

Lee also talked about his ideal women, “I didn’t have time to go out with a girl after I debuted. I like a mentally matured girl who can listen to my stories.”

The pictorial will be published through the November issue of the magazine.

Source: TV Report

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[NEWS] Secret’s Han Seon Hwa reveals that her ideal type of man is TV star Lee Hwoi Jae―Why on earth?

Secret’s Han Seon Hwa recently revealed that her ideal type of man is TV star Lee Hwoi Jae.

On the episode of SBS’s Challenge 1,000 songs, when asked about her ideal type of man, Han Seon Hwa replied, “I’d like to marry Lee Hwoi Jae.”

She added, “It would be like I bring up a child,” which panicked other cast and emcee Jang Yoon Jung. (TV star Lee Hwoi Jae is now married but used to be famous as a womanizer before he tied the knot.)

Emcee Jang responded: “It looks like she hasn’t been in a long-term, serious relationship. She needs to be in a relationship. Seriously!”


Source: Xportsnews

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[INFO] Secret’s Song Ji Eun appears as a rival to Sistar’s Da Som in Shut Up Family

Song Ji Eun of the girl group Secret (composed of Song Ji Eun, Jing Geo, Han Seon Hwa, and Jeon Hyo Seong) appeared as a cameo for the TV series Shut Up Family.

In the episode of KBS 2’s daily sitcom Shut Up Family (written by Seo Jae Won, directed by Jo Joon Hee) that aired on October 19, Song Ji Eun appears as a student who has a crush on Cha Seo Joon (played by Park Seo Joon).

Cha appears very depressed as he says goodbye to his girlfriend Woo Da Yoon (played by Sistar’s Da Som) who refuses his love for her.

Just then, Song appears before him and asks him out saying, “I’m freshman at Gyerye High School. I’ve been keeping my eyes on you for a long time.”

Embarrassed, Cha tries to refuse her, but he decided to date her as he hears Yeol Woo Bong (played by Choi Woo Shik) telling him, “Make Woo Da Yoon jealous by pretending to be dating her.”

But Song scares him as she presents him with some comic books saying, “I’ve seen you reading the fifth volume of this comic book,” and appears in front of his house saying, “I missed you so much that I’ve waited here from 5 this morning.” She even gives him a letter written with her blood and frightens him.

Not being able to stand her anymore, Cha breaks up with her saying, “I’m so scared. To be honest, I have a girlfriend.”

Song who seems to be overly obsessed with Cha is eventually driven out as Woo threatens with all the recording of her words saying, “I’m going to tell your father.”

Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] Give It Up for BIGBANG’s Tour Musicians

Without  these people who Taeyang introduced in English to the stadium in their recent Indonesia ALIVE GALAXY Tour 2012, there will be no live quality music, nor an amazing performance to feat and say that ‘This is BIGBANG’.

BIGBANG is known to have their talents possessed through different kinds of music genre, now particularly for upbeat tempo tracks perfect for clubs and parties. With an exponential difference between live music and track-played music, the reason why BIGBANG is hitting charts and getting rave reviews among others is noneother than the backbone of their world tour team: the musicians.


Meet Dante, the keyboardist, Omar on bass, Justin on guitar,Bennie on the drumset, and Gil Smith as the music director who has made it more Alive than ever! They are famous to also work with Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey to name a few. Give them a tweet and they might reply you back as they are now rocking Taipei‘s floor.

The Alive Galaxy World Tour is directed and choreographed by Laurieann Gibson, a noteworthy name as well to credit with the rest of the team. Kudos for the amazing experience, ALIVE Tour is certainly a concert you simply cannot miss, K-pop fans or not.

BIGBANG’s ‘ALIVE GALAXY TOUR’ 2012 hits Taipei today and tomorrow, and Philippines next week.

Source: een.korea.com

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[NEWS] ‘Nightline’ from ABC News Reported on SM’s Training System!

‘Nightline’ from ABC News Reported on SM’s Training System!
by SMTOWN on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 3:54pm ·


‘Nightline’ from ABC News, aired on the 15th at 11:30 p.m. (Local Time), highlighted S.M.Entertainment’s training system.



ABC reported, “But like generations of American super bands, these groups aren’t born, so much is built, starting at a kind of ‘boot camp’ run by Korea’s largest record company, S.M. Entertainment. Every week, hundreds of wanna-be stars flock to global casting calls to sing and dance for a chance at K-pop stardom. Those lucky enough to be discovered sign long-term contracts and spend years in a trainee program learning discipline, perfecting every pitch, mastering every move.”


ABC’s reporter Akiko Fujita visited S.M.Entertainment and experienced SM’s training system by taking vocal, dance and language lessons.


Also, ABC added, “A wave of super groups with infectious hooks and sleek moves, the hottest act, a nine member group called Girls’ Generation, pleat with chart topping hits in multiple languages and millions of hits on YouTube.”


Meanwhile, ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III’ will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay in Singapore on November 23rd and ‘SCG Stadium’ in Thailand on the 25th.


[Korean script]


ABC ‘나이트라인’, 음악차트 석권한 가장 핫한 그룹으로 “소녀시대” 소개

KPOP 슈퍼그룹 소녀시대 탄생시킨 SM 체계적인 트레이닝 시스템 집중 보도!


미국 ABC 방송의 뉴스 프로그램인 ‘나이트라인’이 SM 엔터테인먼트(이하 SM)의 트레이닝 시스템을 집중 조명해 화제다.


지난 15일 밤 11시 30분(현지 시간 기준) 방영된 ABC ‘나이트라인’에서는 KPOP 스타의 탄생 과정에 대한 뉴스를 보도하며 SM의 체계적인 트레이닝 시스템을 소개해, SM의 글로벌한 위상을 다시 한번 실감케 했다.


ABC는 “소녀시대와 같은 슈퍼 그룹은 한국의 대형 기획사인 SM 엔터테인먼트의 트레이닝 프로그램에 의해 탄생된다. 매주 수 백 명의 스타 지망생들이 글로벌 오디션에 참가해 노래를 하고 춤을 추며, 여기서 선발된 이들은 트레이닝 프로그램을 통해 예절, 보컬, 댄스를 배운다.”고 전했다.


이날 뉴스를 취재한 ABC의 아키코 후지타 기자는 SM 사옥을 직접 방문해 트레이닝 체험에 나섰으며, 보컬은 물론 댄스, 언어 수업 등 SM의 다양한 트레이닝 과정을 생생하게 전달해 눈길을 끌었다.


또한, ABC는 “소녀시대는 중독성 강한 후크와 날렵한 안무를 선보이는 그룹들 중 가장 핫(HOT)한 9인조 여성 그룹이다. 다양한 언어로 부른 히트곡들로 음악 차트를 석권했음은 물론, 유튜브에서도 높은 조회수를 기록했다.”라고 소개함은 물론 슈퍼주니어, f(x), EXO의 뮤직비디오도 함께 보여줘 SM과 소속 아티스트에 대한 높은 관심을 확인케 했다.


한편, SM은 오는 11월 23일, 싱가포르 ‘더 플롯 앳 마리나 베이(The Float @ Marina Bay)’, 25일에는 방콕 ‘SCG 스타디움(구 Yamaha Stadium)’에서 ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III’를 개최할 예정이다.


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[INFO] Super Junior’s Siwon holds a real fan meeting for The King of Dramas

Super Junior’s Siwon recently held a real fan meeting for The King of Dramas.

Siwon plays the role of Kang Hyun Min, a top celebrity, in SBS TV’s new drama series The King of Dramas. In order to shoot Kang Hyun Min’s fan meeting scene, he’s currently recruiting his real fans.

SBS made the announcement on its official Twitter account and Facebook page, and nearly a thousand people applied for the fan meeting in only two hours.

On October 17, a spokesperson for the series said, “We’ve prepared this special event to give viewers an opportunity to experience a shooting of the series. Because Siwon is planning to sing a song in the fan meeting, it will be a good opportunity for viewers to listen to Siwon’s solo song and to experience a shooting of a drama series.”

The King of Dramas is a comedy about a notorious CEO of a production company, an honest, warm-hearted writer, and a ruthless top celebrity. It is written by Jang Hang Joon, a director of Sign, and directed by Hong Sung Chang, a director of You’re Beautiful.

The series will start airing on November 5.


Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon holds a guerrilla concert

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently held a guerrilla concert, and it will air soon on TV.

On October 16, Park Seung Min, the producer of SBS TV’s Inkigayo, reported, “G-Dragon held a guerrilla concert on October 15 near Hong Ik University. He performed his new songs, including ‘Crayon.’ The performance of ‘Crayon’ at the concert will be released on Inkigayo on October 21, and this will be the last performance for G-Dragon’s new solo album.”

G-Dragon released a new solo album, One of a Kind, in September. Such tracks as “That XX” and “Crayon” became a hit.


Source: Starnews

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