[OFFICIAL] Super Junior’s ‘Lotte Duty Free’ CF revealed

Following up from their Lotte Duty Free CF released last year, Lotte has sought the help of Super Junior for their latest commercial!

Although the CF had been released on TV earlier, it had not been released online until recently. With the high quality video unveiled, fans can take a closer look at the details of the CF that were hard to see through the low quality TV captures.


Source: Allkpop


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[INFO] B1A4 starts their ‘Japan Conquest’ with their first Japanese single ‘Beautiful Target’

B1A4 started their ‘Japan Conquest’ with their first Japanese single ‘Beautiful Target’.

B1A4 released their first Japanese single ‘Beautiful Target’ on 27th, and they were ranked 4th on Oricon Chart.

Furthermore, B1A4’s songs were also ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on Tower Record’s Daily Ranking and started their ‘Japan Conquest’.

B1A4 members said, “We are happy to debut in Japan. We will do our best to become a better group.”

Source: Stannews.com

[INFO] JYJ’s Jaejoong updates fans on Yoochun’s eye infection

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has updated fans on the condition of fellow member Yoochun‘s eye infection.

Jaejoong took to his Twitter and wrote, “For JYJ membership week, the C-jes family worked really hard; fans, please enjoy to your heart’s content~. Although I felt very bad for Yoochun after seeing his [swollen] face today, he was smiling widely while watching the exposition [progress]~. Don’t worry too much ^^.

Along with the tweet, Jaejoong uploaded a picture of himself and fellow member Junsu standing in front of a huge JYJ poster. The event at which the picture was taken was at the ‘JYJ Membership Week’ exposition organized by JYJ and C-Jes Entertainment.

During this event, we reported that Yoochun did not take questions from reporters. It has been revealed that the reason behind this is because Yoochun caught an eye infection, and as a result his face became swollen. Specifically, Yoochun seems to have an acute case of conjunctivitis, also known as the pink eye or Apollo eye, caused by internal bleeding. It is a common eye infection, which induces a stinging kind of pain.

Due to these events, it seems that Jaejoong found it necessary to communicate to his fans about Yoochun’s health and his thoughts concerning the exposition.

Fans who read the tweet replied, “So Park Yoochun-ssi had conjunctivitis,” “I like that Jaejoong-ssi [took the time to] deliver this piece of news to us like that,” and, “Even though you probably caught the eye infection after working so hard, [please] get well soon.

Source: Jaejoong’s Twitter


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[INFO] Super Junior drops tracklist and details on ‘Sexy, Free & Single’

With the release date of their 6th full length album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘ approaching, Super Junior has dropped some new details on their upcoming album!

The album, scheduled for an online release of July 1st, is reported to contain 10 total tracks of various genres including R&B, dance, and ballad, allowing us to get a taste of the variety of talents the group has to offer.

The title track “Sexy, Free & Single” is said to be a song that incorporates R&B along with soulful House music that is easy and addicting to listen to. The fun lyrics tell the success stories of sexy and free single men.

As revealed previously, the group has also included a special track entitled, ‘From U‘, dedicated to their fan club ELF, which they’ll be performing on stage in addition to the title song.

Gulliver‘, a song composed by Eunhyuk, is another track off the album and is said to contain the raps of Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae, and the charismatic vocals of Ryeowook. The song wittily compares the countless charms of the Super Junior members to that of ‘Gulliver’s Travels‘.

Another track fans can look forward to is “Someday“, which is a remake of Lee Sang Eun‘s original, showcasing the vocal abilities of the group.

The group will also welcome in the summer with “Now“, which incorporates its refreshing sound and melody with lyrics that talk about leaving on a summer trip to the beach, while “Rockstar“, an electronic, hip hop club track will show off the group’s lively image and rocker charisma.

Other songs that made it onto the album include “Bittersweet“, which will touch the listeners with the emotional vocals of Yesung, Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun with its sad lyrics; “Papillon“, an electronic dance track that cheers on those who have become worn out by their lives; “Lingering“, a touching ballad; and “Breakup Day“.

Source + Photo: TVDaily via Nate


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[OFFICIAL] 2NE1 to release tracks on upcoming album as separate singles

YG Entertainment has informed allkpop that rather than releasing the entire album at once, 2NE1 will be releasing their upcoming comeback album in staggered releases.

The girls used a similar strategy last year for their 2nd mini album with successful results, and hope that with the staggered releases, each track will be given the spotlight equally.


“Rather than introduce the whole album at once, we want to focus on each song’s promotions,” YG Entertainment said. “Following our first single ‘I Love You’, we will release our second single three weeks later.”

2NE1 will be releasing the tracks starting with ‘I Love You‘, which is another work of Teddy, on July 5th, and their first comeback performance will be held on SBS Inkigayo’ on July 8th.

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[INFO] JYJ’s Junsu shows his affection for his look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME


JYJ‘s Junsu sent his love to his look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME.

On June 28th, Insoo posted on MYNAME’s official Twitter, “A big present arrived for me, someone who has received a lot of help from the fact that people commented that I look like Junsu sunbae ever since my debut… Each [of his] word is a like a big lesson for me…You’re the best! Let’s get food sometime and play soccer, Junsu hyung!!! Thank you!!^^” along with a photo.

In the picture, Insoo is seen holding up a signed album from the sunbae his has looked up since his past. The hand-written message from Junsu reads, “Let’s get food sometime. Are you good at soccer?” showing Junsu’s affections for his younger look-alike.

Fans commented, “How nice of Junsu“, “They really do look alike“, and “Even eating together! Insoo is so lucky“.

Meanwhile, MYNAME is actively promoting “Hello & Goodbye“.

Source: MYNAME’s Twitter




[INFO] Choreographer Devin Jamieson works with Super Junior for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’

Super Junior has teamed up with famous choreographer Devin Jamieson for their upcoming title song from their album, ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘.

Devin Jamieson is best known for his work with world famous pop stars such as Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, and a chance to work with the late Michael Jackson for what would have been his last tour, ‘This Is It‘.


In addition, SM choreographer Hwang Sang Hoon further raised fans’ anticipation by tweeting additional information regarding Super Junior’s choreography. According to Hwang Sang Hoon, the choreography will also be assisted by famous choreographers Lyle Beniga, Nick Baga, and Devin Perri in order to perfect Super Junior’s preparations.


Super Junior will be releasing their 6th full-length album, ‘Sexy, Free & Single’, on July 1st on various music charts and albums will be available beginning on July 4th.


The group will be holding their comeback stage at Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ on July 5th, followed by MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘ on July 7th, and SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ on July 8th.


Source & Image: Chosun via Naver


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[INFO] B1A4′s Japanese debut single ‘Beautiful Target’ ranks high on Oricon Chart

Popular idol group B1A4 is being met with an explosive response after releasing their first Japanese debut single, ‘Beautiful Target‘.

B1A4 made their official debut in Japan with ‘Beautiful Target’ on June 27th, and on the same day of release, the group ranked within the top 5 on the Oricon Chart with famous Japanese boy band KAT-TUN and Girls’ Generation. In addition, the boys have also stolen the top 3 spots on Tower Records‘ daily rankings, Japan’s largest music portal site.

A representative of their agency stated, “We’re surprised by the fact that B1A4 ranked within the top 5 on the Oricon Chart despite being a foreign rookie group, and a group that hasn’t begun promotions in Japan. Representatives in the music industry and fans are showing high interest in their next move.”

The B1A4 members also shared their thoughts: “We’re very happy to be able to debut in Japan. We’ll work harder to become a better group in order to receive much more love from fans.

Meanwhile, B1A4 will be heading over to Japan this weekend for a handshake event at the Tokyo Big Sight on June 30th. The group will then officially greet fans at their debut event, which is being held at the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza on July 1st.


Source & Image(s): Chosun via Naver


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