[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon appears in Infinite Challenge, gets humiliated by Jung Hyung Don

Big Bang’s G-Dragon, who became a rookie worker at Muhan Company, recently got humiliated by Jung Hyung Don, a fashion terrorist.

The episode of MBC’s Infinite Challenge that aired on September was titled “Muhan Company.”

The Big Bang member received a lot of attention by being a new worker at Muhan Company via an official recruitment.

The rookie worker wore swanky outfits with pointed accessories to the work on his very first day. That made other colleagues be worried about him even being able to sit down on a chair.

Looking interested, Jung got to dish, “You need to check out your wardrobe. Seriously!”

Next, the Big Bang knockout ended up being dressed in the style of the self-dubbed “fashionistar’’―a pink shirt and loose jacket

The comedian felt proud to see what GD is wearing, saying, “Now, you guys seem to understand a bit about fashion.”


Source: Starnews

POSTED BY: https://lovelybaquero.wordpress.com


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