[INFO] Super Junior’s Siwon holds a real fan meeting for The King of Dramas

Super Junior’s Siwon recently held a real fan meeting for The King of Dramas.

Siwon plays the role of Kang Hyun Min, a top celebrity, in SBS TV’s new drama series The King of Dramas. In order to shoot Kang Hyun Min’s fan meeting scene, he’s currently recruiting his real fans.

SBS made the announcement on its official Twitter account and Facebook page, and nearly a thousand people applied for the fan meeting in only two hours.

On October 17, a spokesperson for the series said, “We’ve prepared this special event to give viewers an opportunity to experience a shooting of the series. Because Siwon is planning to sing a song in the fan meeting, it will be a good opportunity for viewers to listen to Siwon’s solo song and to experience a shooting of a drama series.”

The King of Dramas is a comedy about a notorious CEO of a production company, an honest, warm-hearted writer, and a ruthless top celebrity. It is written by Jang Hang Joon, a director of Sign, and directed by Hong Sung Chang, a director of You’re Beautiful.

The series will start airing on November 5.


Source: Starnews

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