[INFO] f(x)’s Sulli turns into a chic girl with long wavy hair

f(x)’s Sulli recently took a self portrait and showed off her long wavy hair.

On October 19, Sulli posted a picture on her me2day account, “I took a pictorial yesterday and now I have long hair Jin Ri.”

In the picture, Sulli is showing off her innocent appeal with long wavy hair. Sulli previously appeared on SBS’s series To The Beautiful You, which went off air on October 4. Since she played the role of a girl, who disguised herself as a boy, and kept her hair short.

People who saw the picture responded: “She is so pretty.” “Sulli looks the best with long hair.” “She looks good with short hair and long hair.”

Source: Starnews

POSTED BY: https://lovelybaquero.wordpress.com


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