[NEWS] Give It Up for BIGBANG’s Tour Musicians

Without  these people who Taeyang introduced in English to the stadium in their recent Indonesia ALIVE GALAXY Tour 2012, there will be no live quality music, nor an amazing performance to feat and say that ‘This is BIGBANG’.

BIGBANG is known to have their talents possessed through different kinds of music genre, now particularly for upbeat tempo tracks perfect for clubs and parties. With an exponential difference between live music and track-played music, the reason why BIGBANG is hitting charts and getting rave reviews among others is noneother than the backbone of their world tour team: the musicians.


Meet Dante, the keyboardist, Omar on bass, Justin on guitar,Bennie on the drumset, and Gil Smith as the music director who has made it more Alive than ever! They are famous to also work with Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey to name a few. Give them a tweet and they might reply you back as they are now rocking Taipei‘s floor.

The Alive Galaxy World Tour is directed and choreographed by Laurieann Gibson, a noteworthy name as well to credit with the rest of the team. Kudos for the amazing experience, ALIVE Tour is certainly a concert you simply cannot miss, K-pop fans or not.

BIGBANG’s ‘ALIVE GALAXY TOUR’ 2012 hits Taipei today and tomorrow, and Philippines next week.

Source: een.korea.com

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