About Me

Name: Lovely Baquero
Codename: Sasa, Sarang, Saki (just choose na lang XD)
Age: 17 yrs old
Birthday: March 08, 1995
Facebook: thartlove008@yahoo.com
Twitter: @LovelyBaquero
wattpad: Sasalinchi

— Facts:

* Im a certified kpop addict! PROVEN AND TESTED
*I love Super Junior, they are the most AWESOME and THE BEST kpop group for me.
*I love reading books, stories on wattpad.
*Nagstart ako magsulat ng fan fiction stories when i was in 3rd year highschool. haha ! Addict ehh XD
* Taken na ang puso ko.. 🙂

*I love RECESS haha
*I can cook but i dont love it.
*My favorite color is Black and White, ewan! For me, it’s fashionable “)

*Im a proud to be SHABANELF member/SJ ELF admin.

*Mahilig ako tumawa choss~
*Kapag mabait sakin minamahal ko agad hahaha..

Everyone says that im kinda WEIRD kasi i always speak hangul haha, but it’s okay, 🙂 I know that I’m not alone naman eh XD Madali lang akong kaibiganin, basta mahilig kang tumawa pasado ka sakin. Im a simple girl with strong personality i think!


“Believe in yourself”

yuuunn Lang!!



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