[NEWS] B1A4′s Gong Chan changes from a boy to a man


B1A4′s Gong Chan recently showed off his mature, manly look in a pictorial.

In the pictorial for the men’s fashion magazine Lofficiel Hommes, Gong Chan shows off his manly, stylish look.

In the photo shoot conducted under the concept of Boys, Gong Chan showed off his manly look, getting away from his gentle young boy’s image.

His hairstyle, dark eyebrows, and sad eyes remind many people of James Dean. The crew also praised Gong Chan for his efforts.

Gong Chan’s pictorial can be seen in the September issue of Lofficiel Hommes, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

B1A4, who recently participated in the soundtrack of MBC TV’s sitcom series The Thousandth Man, is currently preparing for their new album.


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[NEWS] B1A4′s Gong Chan says, “I think I’m very funny”

B1A4′s Gong Chan shows off his humorous side.

In the episode of B1A4′s Hello Baby that will air on August 1, B1A4 members play a quiz game to know about Seoul. Many questions, which range from general information about Seoul to a Seoul accent, are given to the members. The members, who are mostly from local areas, compete against each other with their knowledge about Seoul.

Gong Chan especially shows off his humorous side throughout the episode and gets praised by the special host Jang Dong Hyuk. In an interview, Gong Chan says, “80 points out of 100,” to the question, “What score would you like to give to your sense of humor?”

B1A4 members also surprise the crew by giving weird answers to some of the given questions.

Based on a result of the quiz game, B1A4 members will be divided into two groups, one with the best scores and one with the lowest scores, and experience Seoul in two opposite conditions. At this, the members try their utmost to win the game.

B1A4′s quiz game, B1A4! Ring the Golden Bell, will air on August 2 at 12:20 a.m. on KBS Joy’s B1A4′s Hello Baby.

Source: Star Daily News

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