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[NEWS] 120720 B1A4 Supports Member San Deul at His Musical (via enewsworld)


B1A4 members show San Deul some love #B1A4

B1A4 crashed a performance of the musical Brothers were Brave to support its main vocalist San Deul, who stars in the musical.

B1A4’s Jin Young, Baro, CNU and Gong Chan watched on as San Deul performed in a performance of the musical on July 19.

Brothers were Brave is a musical about how brothers who aren’t on good terms with each other get together at their home for the first time in three years after hearing their father has passed away.

They then get locked in a comical battle to win the hand of a mysterious woman.

San Deul was cast as the proud and jobless younger brother Joo Bong, along with his fellow triple cast members Sung Doo Sub and Jo Kang Hyun.



The B1A4 members met with enews after watching the performance and said, “We became choked up after we saw San Deul singing and acting onstage. We’re proud to see him working hard for himself and the team after being cast in such a great piece.”

San Deul said, “I repeat ‘be calm’ to myself before going onstage, and that takes away most of my nervousness. At first I thought it was hard that [musicals] mix acting and singing, but I started to become more comfortable with the idea after starting to think that everything is acting and trying to concentrate on getting my lines through.”

Brothers were Brave will continue with its round of performances in Seoul until October 1.

San Deul first appeared on its stage on July 13, and will perform every Tuesday and Thursday.

B1A4 has wrapped up its promotions, and will continue to appear on TV with the KBS Joy program B1A4’s Hello Baby from July 25.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Source: B1A4 Fan Club @en.korea.com

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[INFO] B1A4′s Sandeul makes successful musical debut despite eye infection

B1A4‘s Sandeul has successfully taken his first step as a musical actor by completing his first performance at the press call stage for his musical, ‘Brothers Were Brave‘.

Although he had a few parts, the main vocalist demonstrated that he was as determined as ever by showing his absolute best for each song. Sandeul plays the role of ‘Lee Joo Bong’, the second son of the leading role, and is triple cast with musical actors Sung Doo Sub and Jo Kang Hyun.

According to officials, Sandeul’s actually suffering from an eye infection and isn’t in the greatest condition to be performing, especially since B1A4 only recently completed their album promotions. Despite this, Sandeul showed his potential as a budding musical star by successfully completing each stage and staying behind to greet each actor.

The musical will run from June 26th through October 1st.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate


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