[NEWS] B1A4′s Jinyoung says, “I swallowed a large nail when I was young”


B1A4′s Jinyoung said he once swallowed a large nail when he was young.

In the next episode of KBS Joy’s B1A4′s Hello Baby, B1A4 members test themselves to see whether or not they’re qualified as good fathers. For babies who can be exposed to such risky things as cars, food, and strangers, the members test themselves to see how much they’re conscious of safety issues.

While they are getting a lesson about types of food that are dangerous for children, Jinyoung said, “I once swallowed a large nail when I was young.”

When Jinyoung was still very young that he was unconscious of dangerous things, he ate a large nail. However, it didn’t become a big accident because his mother found that out right away and took it out of his mouth.

Because of this, Jinyoung emphasized the importance of teaching children things they must not eat.

The episode will air on September 14 at 7:10 p.m. on KBS Joy.


Source: TV Report

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[NEWS] B1A4 hold a concert to donate their talent


B1A4 will hold a concert to donate their talent.

On September 1, B1A4 will hold a concert to donate their talent at the Central Market in Wonju. This concert, which will be held nearly four hours from 6:00 p.m., is part of Gangwondo’s celebrity marketing conducted in order to vitalize the province’s traditional markets. B1A4 members will meet people in Wonju, having an one-day sales experience and going shopping at the market with Governor Choi Moon Soon and Mayor of Wonju Won Chang Mook.

B1A4 members say, “This is our first time holding a concert to donate our talent. We’re not very much familiar with the concept of talent donation yet, but we’re happy and honored to be able to do something for our society and people. Because this event is part of a project to vitalize traditional markets around us, we wish we can do something to vitalize this market. We hope people of our age, who are more used to large grocery stores or convenience stores, pay more attention to traditional markets around us.”

Such celebrities as U-Kiss, Jang Yoon Jung, Song Dae Gwan, and Park Sang Cheol have participated in the celebrity marketing for Gangwondo’s traditional markets, and they helped vitalize the economy of the traditional markets. This project is to develop 53 traditional markets in Gangwondo as new centers of travelling and shopping trends in Korea.


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[NEWS] B1A4′s Gong Chan changes from a boy to a man


B1A4′s Gong Chan recently showed off his mature, manly look in a pictorial.

In the pictorial for the men’s fashion magazine Lofficiel Hommes, Gong Chan shows off his manly, stylish look.

In the photo shoot conducted under the concept of Boys, Gong Chan showed off his manly look, getting away from his gentle young boy’s image.

His hairstyle, dark eyebrows, and sad eyes remind many people of James Dean. The crew also praised Gong Chan for his efforts.

Gong Chan’s pictorial can be seen in the September issue of Lofficiel Hommes, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

B1A4, who recently participated in the soundtrack of MBC TV’s sitcom series The Thousandth Man, is currently preparing for their new album.


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[NEWS] B1A4′s Gong Chan says, “I think I’m very funny”

B1A4′s Gong Chan shows off his humorous side.

In the episode of B1A4′s Hello Baby that will air on August 1, B1A4 members play a quiz game to know about Seoul. Many questions, which range from general information about Seoul to a Seoul accent, are given to the members. The members, who are mostly from local areas, compete against each other with their knowledge about Seoul.

Gong Chan especially shows off his humorous side throughout the episode and gets praised by the special host Jang Dong Hyuk. In an interview, Gong Chan says, “80 points out of 100,” to the question, “What score would you like to give to your sense of humor?”

B1A4 members also surprise the crew by giving weird answers to some of the given questions.

Based on a result of the quiz game, B1A4 members will be divided into two groups, one with the best scores and one with the lowest scores, and experience Seoul in two opposite conditions. At this, the members try their utmost to win the game.

B1A4′s quiz game, B1A4! Ring the Golden Bell, will air on August 2 at 12:20 a.m. on KBS Joy’s B1A4′s Hello Baby.

Source: Star Daily News

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[NEWS] 120720 B1A4 Supports Member San Deul at His Musical (via enewsworld)


B1A4 members show San Deul some love #B1A4

B1A4 crashed a performance of the musical Brothers were Brave to support its main vocalist San Deul, who stars in the musical.

B1A4’s Jin Young, Baro, CNU and Gong Chan watched on as San Deul performed in a performance of the musical on July 19.

Brothers were Brave is a musical about how brothers who aren’t on good terms with each other get together at their home for the first time in three years after hearing their father has passed away.

They then get locked in a comical battle to win the hand of a mysterious woman.

San Deul was cast as the proud and jobless younger brother Joo Bong, along with his fellow triple cast members Sung Doo Sub and Jo Kang Hyun.



The B1A4 members met with enews after watching the performance and said, “We became choked up after we saw San Deul singing and acting onstage. We’re proud to see him working hard for himself and the team after being cast in such a great piece.”

San Deul said, “I repeat ‘be calm’ to myself before going onstage, and that takes away most of my nervousness. At first I thought it was hard that [musicals] mix acting and singing, but I started to become more comfortable with the idea after starting to think that everything is acting and trying to concentrate on getting my lines through.”

Brothers were Brave will continue with its round of performances in Seoul until October 1.

San Deul first appeared on its stage on July 13, and will perform every Tuesday and Thursday.

B1A4 has wrapped up its promotions, and will continue to appear on TV with the KBS Joy program B1A4’s Hello Baby from July 25.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Source: B1A4 Fan Club @en.korea.com

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B1A4’s launch event, held over the course of two days, has ended successfully! Many people attended the event, thank you very much indeed!! Thirty thousand people came to the handshake event on the 30th of June, and twelve thousand people came for the launch event on the 1st of July, and the unprecedented amount of people who came down to support B1A4 surprised and touched the members!! They met many smiling people at the handshake event, and at the live event, calls so loud that they shook the ground during ‘Beautiful Target’ sounded, and everyone’s passionate cheers made B1A4’s wonderful Japanese debut possible.




And how! Also, the release of B1A4’s 2nd single has been confirmed early! Their 2nd single, ‘Oyasumi (good night) good night -Japanese ver.-’ will be released on the 29th of August (Wednesday). Furthermore, a double campaign will be held for this ♪ For more information, check the ‘RELEASE’ column!

Please continue to support B1A4!

Source: @ AVIATEB1A4, b1a4.info

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[INFO] B1A4 starts their ‘Japan Conquest’ with their first Japanese single ‘Beautiful Target’

B1A4 started their ‘Japan Conquest’ with their first Japanese single ‘Beautiful Target’.

B1A4 released their first Japanese single ‘Beautiful Target’ on 27th, and they were ranked 4th on Oricon Chart.

Furthermore, B1A4’s songs were also ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on Tower Record’s Daily Ranking and started their ‘Japan Conquest’.

B1A4 members said, “We are happy to debut in Japan. We will do our best to become a better group.”

Source: Stannews.com