[NEWS] Give It Up for BIGBANG’s Tour Musicians

Without  these people who Taeyang introduced in English to the stadium in their recent Indonesia ALIVE GALAXY Tour 2012, there will be no live quality music, nor an amazing performance to feat and say that ‘This is BIGBANG’.

BIGBANG is known to have their talents possessed through different kinds of music genre, now particularly for upbeat tempo tracks perfect for clubs and parties. With an exponential difference between live music and track-played music, the reason why BIGBANG is hitting charts and getting rave reviews among others is noneother than the backbone of their world tour team: the musicians.


Meet Dante, the keyboardist, Omar on bass, Justin on guitar,Bennie on the drumset, and Gil Smith as the music director who has made it more Alive than ever! They are famous to also work with Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey to name a few. Give them a tweet and they might reply you back as they are now rocking Taipei‘s floor.

The Alive Galaxy World Tour is directed and choreographed by Laurieann Gibson, a noteworthy name as well to credit with the rest of the team. Kudos for the amazing experience, ALIVE Tour is certainly a concert you simply cannot miss, K-pop fans or not.

BIGBANG’s ‘ALIVE GALAXY TOUR’ 2012 hits Taipei today and tomorrow, and Philippines next week.

Source: een.korea.com

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[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon holds a guerrilla concert

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently held a guerrilla concert, and it will air soon on TV.

On October 16, Park Seung Min, the producer of SBS TV’s Inkigayo, reported, “G-Dragon held a guerrilla concert on October 15 near Hong Ik University. He performed his new songs, including ‘Crayon.’ The performance of ‘Crayon’ at the concert will be released on Inkigayo on October 21, and this will be the last performance for G-Dragon’s new solo album.”

G-Dragon released a new solo album, One of a Kind, in September. Such tracks as “That XX” and “Crayon” became a hit.


Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon appears in Infinite Challenge, gets humiliated by Jung Hyung Don

Big Bang’s G-Dragon, who became a rookie worker at Muhan Company, recently got humiliated by Jung Hyung Don, a fashion terrorist.

The episode of MBC’s Infinite Challenge that aired on September was titled “Muhan Company.”

The Big Bang member received a lot of attention by being a new worker at Muhan Company via an official recruitment.

The rookie worker wore swanky outfits with pointed accessories to the work on his very first day. That made other colleagues be worried about him even being able to sit down on a chair.

Looking interested, Jung got to dish, “You need to check out your wardrobe. Seriously!”

Next, the Big Bang knockout ended up being dressed in the style of the self-dubbed “fashionistar’’―a pink shirt and loose jacket

The comedian felt proud to see what GD is wearing, saying, “Now, you guys seem to understand a bit about fashion.”


Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon will hold a live concert on the Internet

Big Bang’s G-Dragon will hold a live concert for his new solo album.

On September 25 at 10:00 p.m., G-Dragon will perform live on Naver Music.This is the second part of the event GD Countdown Live. Under the title of GD Friends Live, G-Dragon will sing “Missing You” and “Today” live.G-Dragon will perform “Missing You” with the composer Lydia instead of Kim Yoon Ah, who was featured in the song. Lydia is a popular composer who has worked with many YG Entertainment artists.He will sing “Today” alone without Nell’s vocalist Kim Jong Wan.G-Dragon will also communicate with his fans on me2day and talk about the inside story of his new album.G-Dragon released a new solo album, One of a Kind, on September 15 after a three-year absence.


Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] All tickets for Big Bang’s concerts in the U.S. are sold out

All tickets for Big Bang’s concert in the U.S. have been sold out.

On September 22 (local time), all 24,000 tickets for Big Bang’s concerts in California and New Jersey were sold out in only two hours.

Big Bang will hold concerts on November 3 at the Honda Center in California and on November 9 at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Both are very famous concert halls where many world-renowned singers hold their concerts. Each concert hall can accommodate 12,000 people.

Many Korean artists have held concerts in the U.S., but Big Bang are the first Korean singing group to hold a concert at a hall that can accommodate more than 10,000 people. Big Bang have never promoted themselves in the U.S., so it’s even more surprising that all tickets for the concerts have been sold out.

All 30,000 tickets for their concert in Hong Kong, which will be held on December 8 and 9 at the Asia Expo, have also been quickly sold out.

YG Entertainment, Big Bang’s agency, says, “We’re thinking of holding more concerts in the U.S. and Hong Kong because many people there are enthusiastically responding to Big Bang’s concerts.”

In addition to the U.S. and Hong Kong, Big Bang have also sold all tickets for their concerts in Korea, Japan (five cities), China (three cities), Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Big Bang are visiting most of the countries for the first time, and they’re trying to attract a total audience of 10,000 and more in most of the countries.

Going on the world tour in collaboration of the world-famous agency Live Nation, Big Bang recently received many favorable reviews for their first concert in Seoul. They have also successfully held tours of Japan and China.

Big Bang will continue their world tour until December, and their next concert will be held on September 28 in Singapore.


Source: TV Report

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[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon will appear on Infinite Challenge

Big Bang’s G-Dragon will appear on the variety show Infinite Challenge.

On September 22, MBC TV’s Infinite Challenge released a review of its next episode, in which G-Dragon appears.

In the preview, G-Dragon appears as a new employee of Infinite Company. He portrays a new employee who tries to get used to the tough days at work.

G-Dragon also shows off a fashionable look in the episode. For Secret Show, an underwear fashion show of Infinite Company, he designs underwear and appears on the runway.

At the news that G-Dragon will appear on Infinite Challenge, people reacted: “I’m so excited to see G-Dragon as a new employee of Infinite Company.” “I think it will be really fun to watch G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don competing against each other on their fashion styles.” “I want to watch the underwear fashion show.” “Even the preview was so funny.”

G-Dragon will appear in the September 29 episode of Infinite Challenge, which will air at 6:25 p.m.

Source: TV Report

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[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon rank 161th on the Billboard 200

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently ranked on the Billboard’s main chart.

According to the Billboard Chart issued on September 21, G-Dragon ranked 161th on the Billboard 200, the main chart of the Billboard for the latest albums, with his new solo album, One of a Kind.

It’s the second time for G-Dragon to rank on the Billboard’s main chart. Big Bang ranked 150th on the Billboard 200 with Alive on February 29.

G-Dragon has also become the fourth Korean singer who ranked on the Billboard 200. BoA ranked 127th on the chart in 2009, and SNSD’s unit group, Tae Ti Seo, ranked 126th on the chart with Twinkle in April. Except for BoA, they all ranked on the chart with their Korean albums.

G-Dragon ranked first on the World Albums and sixth on the Heatseekers Albums on the Billboard.

G-Dragon has been promoting his new album since September 16.

Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] Big Bang’s G-Dragon appears in gold from head to toe: “I’m the real Fashion King”

Recently, the unique gold fashion of Big Bang’s G-Dragon has drawn people’s eyes.

In the afternoon on September 20, the star appeared at the launching party of “My Boon, Ambush X G-Dragon Collaboration” at the My Boon, in Cheondam-dong, Seoul.

He showed up in a flood of flashlights wearing a glossy, golden outfit from head to toe. His particular hairstyle that soars in the air, dyed in blue and pink also attracted attention.

The fashion icon Milan Vukmirovic also participated in opening the lifestyle store “My Boon,” and the collaboration products between the accessary brand Ambush (created by the famous hip hop group M-flo’s rapper and his wife) and G-Dragon will be launched within the store.

The Ambush X G-Dragon product has gained attention as M-flo’s rapper Verbal created it with G-Dragon. It has become even bigger issue when G-Dragon appeared in the music video for his new title song “Crayon” wearing it.

The special edition of Ambush and G-Dragon collaboration will be displayed and put on sales exclusively at the My Boon store that opened in July.


Source: Money Today

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[INFO] Big Bang’s T.O.P gets tanned and has darker skin

A recent picture of Big Bang’s T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) was recently released.

On September 21, actor Kwak Min Seok tweeted a picture with the comment, “With Choi Seung Hyun and great supporting actor Kim Min Jae. Now I can tell why people go crazy about Choi.”

He added, “As an actor who shot the movie Alumni, you can expect to see the movie.”

The picture features T.O.P and Kwak staring at the camera. Kwak has his arm around T.O.P and they look like close brothers.

Kim makes people laugh by doing the dishes behind the two actors. T.O.P looks like his skin got darker during the shooting for the movie.

People who saw the picture responded: “I was wondering how T.O.P has been. It’s good to see him.” “He is still alive.” “I wonder what is the movie about.”


Source: TV Report

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[INFO] Big Bang’sTaeyang congratulates G-Dragon’s comeback


Big Bang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon revealed a funny picture.

On September 16, Taeyang uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Done with the first broadcast. Good job, G.D.”

In the picture, Taeyang is making a funny expression with G-Dragon who just finished shooting for SBS TV’s Inkigayo.

Previously on the afternoon of September 16, G-Dragon performed his new songs “Crayon” and “One Of A Kind” on SBS TV’s Inkigayo. Taeyang made a special appearance during the “One Of A Kind” performance.

Netizens commented: “They sure are good friends.” “They look so cute.” “Welcome back G-Dragon.”

G-Dragon will release his EP, One Of A Kind offline on September 18.


Source: TV Report

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