[NEWS] FT Island’s Lee Jae Jin explaines why he broke up with his ex-girlfriend

FT Island’s Lee Jae Jin recently explained why he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend.
In the episode of Yoo Hee Yul’s Sketchbook on KBS2 that aired on September 11, FT Island gave a performance of a new song from their fifth album, Five Treasure Box.

Emcee Yoo Hee Yul said, “I see music by FT Island has grown so much. I think that implies you guys have experienced falling in love and breaking up.”

The emcee asked, “Which member recently experienced a breakup?” All the members pointed Lee Jae Jin. Lee explained, “My ex-girlfriend said that she was not happy, so I let her go.”
Next, Choi Jong Hoon was selected as the one who experienced the most heartbreaking breakup. Choi said, “My ex-girlfriend started avoiding me just after her birthday party. Since then, I haven’t been able to get in touch with her.”
The performance of their new song is to air on September 14 at 12:15 a.m.

Source: TV Report

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