[OFFICIAL] FT Island release a teaser video of their new Japanese EP, Top Secret

FT Island recently released a teaser video of their eighth Japanese EP, Top Secret, to be released on August 8 on their official YouTube channel.

The lead song “Top Secret” is currently attracting more attention as it has been selected as an ending theme song of NTV’s music program Happy Music for the month of July.

In the 30-second teaser video, FT Island members are showing off their mature looks. In black and white and check and cube patterns that are harmonized well together, the video gives a punky, stylish feeling.

This EP contains a total of three songs, “Top Secret,” “Beloved,” and “Here.” “Beloved” is especially attracting a lot of attention because it was composed by Lee Jae Jin, a base guitarist and a vocalist of FT Island.

The new EP of FT Island will be released in four different versions, a regular one, a limited version that includes DVD, a Lawson’s version, and a limited version that includes a video of FT Island’s summer concert tour in Japan (including the Mejamashi live concert in 2011).

In the jacket photo of Top Secret, FT Island members are showing off their charismatic, mature looks.

FT Island recently finished concert tour in Japan, attracting over 60,000 people. Starting on June 24 in Fukui, they held concerts in four cities in Japan (Tokyo,  Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukui).


Check out the Tease Video below!


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[INFO] FT Island tours Japan successfully prior to their new single release in August

FT Island recently toured Japan successfully by holding their last concerts in Saitama during the tour.

The group started touring Japan on June 24 by holding concerts in 4 Japanese cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukui) under the title ‘FT Island Summer Tour 2012 Run! Run! Run!’ Their last concert was held in Saitama on July 8.

On July 10, the group’s agency, FNC Music, said, “We held five concerts and met over 60,000 people. The tour  was very successful.”

FT Island sang their songs from their seventh single Nerverland and their latest album Stay. They also gave a special dance performance, which they prepared for the tour.

The group says, “It was like a dream that we had chance to hold our exclusive live concert at Super Arena in Saitama. Thank you very much and we’re very happy.” They shed tears by saying, “We’ve debuted in Korea for 5 years and in Japan for 4 years but time has flown so fast. Thanks to your support we could make our dreams come true.”

FT Island will release their new Japanese single album Top Secret on August 8.

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[INFO] Audio and PV preview of F.T. Island’s upcoming Japanese single, “Top Secret”, revealed

.T. Island is gearing up for the release of their newest Japanese single “Top Secret” on August 8th, and ahead of its release, the song was aired on Japanese radio giving fans a taste of what’s to come!

The boys have also completed shooting their upcoming PV and the preview was aired on TV showing the group’s new concept and the use of interesting black and white tiles.

The new single will include “Top Secret” as well as two more coupling tracks, “Beloved” and “Here“, and will be dropped on August 8th ahead of the upcoming release of their ‘Run! Run! Run!‘ tour DVD on September 26th.

Without further ado, check out the audio and video previews of “Top Secret” below!

Audio (starts around the 10:20 mark)

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Source: F.T. Island’s Japanese Homepage


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