[NEWS] KARA’s Park Gyu Ri celebrates the birthday of Super Junior’s Shindong


A picture of KARA’s Park Gyu Ri celebrating the birthday of Super Junior’s Shindong was recently released.

On September 28, Shindong uploaded a picture of himself with Park on the official Twitter account of MBC Radio’s Shim Shim Ta Pa with the comment, “DJ Park Gyu Ri was the first person to celebrate my birthday.”

In the picture, Shindong and Park are staring at the camera in a friendly pose. Shindong seems pleased with a cake on his hands, and Park is pointing at Shindong with her finger.

People responded: “Happy birthday, Shindong.” “Park Gyu Ri is so kind.” “The cake is so pretty. Happy birthday.”


Source: TV Report

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[NEWS] Secret’s “Poison” vs. KARA’s “Pandora”

Group Secret, who returned to performing with their third EP Poison, is drawing a lot of attention with their sexy concept. They complemented their charismatic looks as beautiful femme fatales with bold jewelry and captured many men’s hearts.

KARA, who captured both Korea and Japan with their cute looks, transformed into sexy girls by releasing their new EP Pandora. They look sexy and refined in cropped tops, shorts, and jackets. They also show off their mature looks with luxurious jewelry.

A stylist named Kim Jung Joo, who has been working with several top stars, says, “Since the two girl groups have a younger image, wearing splendid and bold jewelry will help them look mature. Colorful jewelry is also coming back in fashion.”

Both girl groups also have something in common: smoky makeup. However, they don’t look classic because they use a brown base for their eye makeup. A brown-colored eye shadow made their eyes look more deep and a gel eye liner or a pencil eye liner made their eyes look sexier and stronger.

They also have clear skin, which is the most important issue when wearing colorful makeup. Their natural skin gloss when paired with their smoky makeup made them look more refined.


Source: Star Daily News

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