[INFO] Secret’s Hyo Seong shows off her baby face and voluptuous figure


Secret’s Jeon Hyo Seong recently showed off her baby face and voluptuous figure.

Group Secret, who returned to performing with their new song “Poison,” will appear on the September 26 episode of MBC Every1′s Week Idol.

Group members will make the audience laugh by ranking themselves in order of popularity among male idol stars.

Prior to the ranking, each member showed off their attractive charms. Jeon started first and received many favorable responses by saying, “I have beautiful gums, baby face, and voluptuous figure.”

Then other group members actively appealed themselves to each other. They fiercely competed against each other for higher rankings.

After the ranking, the group called a male idol to listen to his opinion on the ranking. The episode, in which Secret appears, will air on September 26 at 6:00 p.m.

Source: TV Report

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