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[INFO] Super Junior′s Heechul Rants about Sasaeng Fans and Corrupt Taxi Drivers Before Deactivating Twitter

While one Super Junior was grateful for sasaeng fans, another was severely upset about them.

On July 9, Super Junior’s Heechul took to his Twitter to confess the distress he felt over obsessive fans who chase him everywhere he goes.


He tweeted, “Please don’t come in front of my house or the ward office. I thought that I got nicer as I turned 30, but I guess not. I still suffer from aftereffects from my car accident and it really frightens me that many times, I have to drive with my life at risk as if I’m being chased. You may be disappointed in me or believe that I’m arrogant, but I have only one life, so I can’t let it go. It’s my fault for not being understanding.”

Heechul then sent a message out to the taxi drivers who were driving these fans around, “Please don’t rip off foreign fans who don’t know any better. To take advantage of young people while smiling only makes you look like a gangster.”

He ended the long tweet with, “I hope that with these words as my last, no more victims will appear. I will live quietly for a year without tweeting. I’ll see you in a year. Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday.”

True to his words, Heechul closed down his account, showing how serious he was about the situation.

Netizens who came across his message said, “He must have had a hard time with the sasaeng fans,” “Let’s leave him alone,” and “It’s great that he took time to scold the corrupt taxi drivers too.”

Heechul is currently serving at a public ward office, fulfilling his mandatory military services.

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[INFO] Super Junior’s Heechul closes his Twitter account because of his obsessive fans


Super Junior’s Heechul recently complained about his obsessive fans.

On July 9, Heechul tweeted, “Please don’t come to where I live and work. I thought I became nicer as I turned thirty, but I guess not. I’m still suffering from the car accident I got into, so I’m scared of running away from you when I’m driving a car. Even if you get disappointed at me or I have to realize that I have to be thankful to your love, I cannot take this anymore because my life is important. It’s all my fault because I’m not that considerate.”

It seems Heechul wrote the comment to his obsessive fans who follow him all the time by taxi. The obsessive fans are called Sasaeng fans, who stalk the celebrities they like. Heechul also left a message to the taxi drivers who drive the Sasaeng fans.

Heechul commented, “Don’t cheat on the foreigners with smiling faces because they don’t know anything. What you’re doing is so dirty. I wish there can be no more victims. I’m going to close my Twitter account for a year. See you after a year. Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday.”

Heechul has been doing alternative service in Seoul as a public service worker since September.


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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is more beautiful than any other girl

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently ranked first among male entertainers as a man who is more beautiful than any other girl.

The male entertainers considered more beautiful than girls rankings were released online and drew a lot of attention.

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, Kim Hyun Joong, FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki, Infinite’s L, Jang Keun Suk, and SHINee’s Tae Min competed against each other.

As a result, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul was voted the most beautiful male entertainer who is prettier than girls.

People responded: “There are many male entertainers who are prettier than girls.” “Girls have to feel jealous about boys’ appearance?” “Kim Heechul is getting prettier.”


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Super Junior’s Heechul relaxes with a steamy bath

Super Junior‘s Heechulupdated fans recently with a new photo that had viewers doing a double take.

Earlier today, the idol posted the above image on his Weibo page, writing, “What’s this guy doing here?” The guy turns out to be none other than Heechul himself, gazing into the sunlight as he relaxes in a luxurious outdoor spa. The photos were taken during a recent vacation with friends.

Fans left envious comments, saying, “Oppa must be exhausted,” “The water must be relaxing,” and, “Can I join the bath with you?

As fans know, Heechul is currently serving his mandatory military service. We’re glad to see that he’s been able to take a break from work and relax!

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