[PHOTO] Congratulations once again to Super Junior for their Triple Crown. Leeteuk shows off his body at M!Countdown


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[INFO] Kim Kibum and Juvie join flash mob

Actor Kim Kibum and singer Juvie recently drew a lot of attention by performing a flash mob dance.

On July 16, the production crew for tvN’s series I Love Lee Tae Ri released pictures of Juvie, who plays the role of a top idol star named Ha Soon Shim, performing in a flash mob.

In the pictures, Juvie and her group members in the series are performing a flash mob dance to promote a museum. They look cute in short jeans and a denim vest performing the passionate dance. Kim made people curious by shooting them with a camera by himself.

People responded: “Juvie looks fresh and pretty.” “I can’t wait to see the flash mob that Juvie and Kim performed in together.” “Juvie is good at acting too.” “I want so badly to watch the last episode of the series. Will Kim go back to a 14 year old boy again?” “Why is Kim holding the camera?”

The fifteenth episode will air today at 11:00 p.m.

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[INFO] Kim Kibum doesn’t hide his relationships


Actor Kim Kibum gave his two cents on revealing relationships.

During an interview during the photoshoot for the July issue of ‘MAXIM‘ Korea, Kim Kibum confidently stated, “I don’t hide my relationship status. I once went to a club with my girlfriend holding hands.


Kim Kibum is currently playing the role of a swimmer on the tVN drama ’I Love Italy‘, and he revealed the secret to his chiseled body, “It’s been a while since I’ve exercised. I’ve been boxing for 7 years from the trainer from the movie ‘Crying Fist‘. For the drama, because I’m playing a swimmer, I underwent intense training for six weeks.”

He’s also playing the love interest of Park Ye Jin‘s character.

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[INFO] Kim Kibum cooks for Park Ye Jin on a TV series

Actor Kim Kibum recently showed off his talented cooking skills.

In the 11th episode of tvN’s I Love Lee Tae Ri, which aired on July 2, Kim (who plays the role of Hwang Min Soo) cooked for his lovely girlfriend Park Ye Jin (who plays the role of Lee Tae Ri) to have dinner with his fake brother and Lee’s best friend.

Park was excited to cook and she said, “Since your brother is coming, I will cook it myself.” However, Park looked like she has never cooked before, so Kim had to help her.

Even though he cooked a delicious meal, he made the audience laugh by cutting the cucumber into un-even slices.

People responded: “Kim is like a chef. He is a precious man.” “He is good at taking care of his lady.” “Chef Kim is born.” “I like Kim’s performances.”

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the 11th episode received 0.425 percent of the audience rating, which is a little higher than the 10th episode.


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[INFO] Super Junior’s Kim Ki Beom reveals, “I even go to clubs with my girlfriend.”

A former member of Super Junior and actor Kim Ki Beom revealed his view of love.

On the interview that was on July edition of men’s magazine, Maxim, Kim revealed, “I don’t try to hide about my relationships. I even went to a club with my girlfriend.”

In the pictorial of the magazine, Kim revealed his muscular body and showed off his manly charms.

Kim said, “I have been working out for a long time. It has been seven years since I started to learn boxing from the trainer of the movie Crying Fist. I also had an intensive workout session for six weeks because I play the role of a swimmer on tvN’s I Love Lee Tae Ri.”

Super Junior’s Kim Ki Beom, who appeared in various TV series, is currently playing the lead on I Love Lee Tae Ri with Park Ye Jin.

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[INFO] Super Junior members leave a supportive video message for Kibum and his drama ‘I Love Italy’


Super Junior‘s Shindong, Ryeowook, and Eunhyuk left an encouraging video message for fellow member Kibum, who’s currently busy filming his drama, ‘I Love Italy‘.

The video (below) was uploaded onto CJ E&M Drama‘s official YouTube channel with the title, “[I Love Italy] Super Junior members’ supportive video message!

The members gave words of encouragement to Kim Kibum as well as to the rest of the cast members saying:

“First, we’d like to congratulate Kim Kibum for his lead role in a drama! Kibum, we miss you and love you so much. In addition to Kibum, actress Park Ye Jin and Sunny Hill‘s Jubi are also starring in the drama. We, Super Junior, will be tuning into ‘I Love Italy’, so we hope you all do the same. Kibum, fighting!”

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[INFO]Super Junior’s Kibum and Park Ye Jin become lovers in In Style


Super Junior’s Kibum and Park Ye Jin changed into lovers.

Kibum and Park, who will soon come out in tvN’s new drama series I Love Italy, recently attracted attention by changing into lovers in the pictorials for the fashion magazine In Style.

In the pictorials, Kibum and Park are portraying lovers by hugging and putting their faces close to each other despite their 7-year age gap. Kibum is showing off his manly look and Park is appealing with her femininity.

Park says, “I’ve always worked with actors who were older than me. Kibum is seven years younger than I am, so it’s a little bit weird. But I get inspired by him a lot because of his great passion and spirit.”

Kibum also says, “I was so excited to feel that Park Ye Jin and I were so compatible.”

The pictorials of Kibum and Park can be seen in the July issue of In Style.

Source: Korea.com

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Kim Kibum shares a kiss with Park Ye Jin on ‘I Love Italy’

Still shots of Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum‘s romantic kiss with Park Yejin on tvN‘s ‘I love Italy‘ have been revealed.

In the upcoming episode of ‘I Love Italy’, Lee Taeri (played by Park Yejin) takes Geum Eun Dong (played by Kim Kibum) to her favorite hideout, which is an astro-observatory. While the two are inside the observatory, they reveal their true feelings for each other and share their first romantic kiss under the shooting stars. At the same time, the sundial which was once broken begins to move again, revealing that the time for Kim Kibum to return to his 14 year old self is inching closer.

Netizens who saw the still shots for this episode commented, “I’m getting excited just looking at the still shots of their first kiss“, “Park Yejin and Kim Kibum will finally have their first kiss! I have to watch the 8th episode no matter what!“, and “I’m so excited. They really look good together“.

In related news, Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin’s comedic acting and sweet romance in ‘I Love Italy’ has been gaining positive reviews from viewers.

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Kim Kibum gives Park Ye Jin a hug

Stills from tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday series I Love Lee Tae Ri, featuringe Kim Kibum hugging Park Ye Jin tightly, were released on May 29 and drew a lot of attention.

The first episode of the series, which aired on May 28, also captured the public’s attention by airing Kim, who quickly grew from a 14 year old innocent boy to a 25 year old perfect man after a single day. The second episode of the series will air Kim and Park’s dramatic first meeting.

The production crew gave a hint about the next episode by saying that the innocent Kim and the ice princess Park will reveal their astounding first confrontation.

In the pictures, which were released, the two stars are looking at each other while standing very close to each other. They are sharing a tight hug and their lovely performance made people eagerly anticipate their breathtaking romance.


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