[INFO] Super Junior’s Siwon holds a real fan meeting for The King of Dramas

Super Junior’s Siwon recently held a real fan meeting for The King of Dramas.

Siwon plays the role of Kang Hyun Min, a top celebrity, in SBS TV’s new drama series The King of Dramas. In order to shoot Kang Hyun Min’s fan meeting scene, he’s currently recruiting his real fans.

SBS made the announcement on its official Twitter account and Facebook page, and nearly a thousand people applied for the fan meeting in only two hours.

On October 17, a spokesperson for the series said, “We’ve prepared this special event to give viewers an opportunity to experience a shooting of the series. Because Siwon is planning to sing a song in the fan meeting, it will be a good opportunity for viewers to listen to Siwon’s solo song and to experience a shooting of a drama series.”

The King of Dramas is a comedy about a notorious CEO of a production company, an honest, warm-hearted writer, and a ruthless top celebrity. It is written by Jang Hang Joon, a director of Sign, and directed by Hong Sung Chang, a director of You’re Beautiful.

The series will start airing on November 5.


Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] Leeteuk says, “Siwon is handsome even when he’s drunk”


Leeteuk recently released a picture of Siwon drunk.

On September 13, Leeteuk uploaded a picture of Siwon on his Twitter account with the comment, “Everyone is outside of Korea, except for me and Siwon, so we had a beer together. I had some coke. Siwon’s handsome even when he’s drunk. I took this when he was dozing off. I met him at midnight, but he was still looking great. I’ll call you Statue of David, Siwon.”

In the picture, Siwon is closing his eyes. He’s showing off his well-defined features even in the dark. His sharp nose is especially eye-catching. He looks just like Statue of David.

People responded: “I’m curious about how Leeteuk looks.” “Statue of David is drunk.” “It’s really funny.” “He’s really handsome.”


Source: TV Report

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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Choi Siwon earns support from Korean fans for mentioning Dokdo


Super Junior’s Choi Siwon earned vast support from Korean fans for mentioning Dokdo.

On August 10, Choi re-tweeted the comment from the Blue House, “Dokdo is truly our territory and it is worth it to risk our lives to keep it. Let’s have national pride for Dokdo.” President Lee Myung Bak visited Dokdo on the same day.

Choi’s father Choi Ki Ho also blamed Japanese mayor Osaka Hashimoto Toru for saying that there is no proof that Japan assaulted and intimidated Korean comfort women into following the Japanese army.

Japanese fans were not happy to hear those sayings from Choi and his father. A local media outlet even reported that K-pop market has faced winter.

However, Super Junior’s EP Sexy Free & Single ranked second on the Oricon Daily Chart and the group sold over 600,000 copies on the first day of its release.

People responded: “I feel much better to hear that.” “Japanese fans are angry but Korean fans are supporting him.” “I hope that he keeps his opinion even though there are many barriers around him.” “He is firm in his convictions. He is a great Hallyu idol.” “Choi Siwon is the best.”


Source: TV Report


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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Siwon and Eunhyuk attend Jamiroquai’s concert

Super Junior’s Siwon and Eunhyuk recently took pictures at Jamiroquai’s concert.

On August 22, Siwon tweeted pictures with the comment in English, “Jamiroquai babe! Audi Live 2012 in Seoul.”

Eunhyuk also tweeted, “Siwon and I went to Jamiroquai’s concert and got blue glow sticks among various colored ones.”

Their pose impressed the public. Siwon and Eunhyuk are holding blue glow sticks and posing for the camera. The pictures look like a pictorial.

Their fashion also captured many people’s attention. Siwon is wearing jeans and a shirt with a leather vest. Tight clothes complemented his muscular figure. Eunhyuk’s simple and sensational fashion style also drew a lot of attention.

People responded: “They look like they are in a pictorial.” “The concert must have been fun.” “Eunhyuk looks cute.” Siwon is very tall.”

English band Jamiroquai, composed of six member, came to Korea for the second time and held the ‘Audi Live – Jamiroquai Concert’ at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on August 22.


Source: TV Report


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[PHOTO] Congratulations once again to Super Junior for their Triple Crown. Leeteuk shows off his body at M!Countdown


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[NEWS] Siwon and Donghae to visit the Philippines!

Super Junior Siwon and Donghae are set to visit the Philippines in August!

This was announced yesterday by Mr. Ben Chan, founder and owner of Bench, a Philippine clothing brand endorsed by Siwon and Donghae.



According to Mr. Chan, the boys’ visit is tentatively set for August 14 or 15 as arranged by SME. The said dates fall on a weekday, and fans are pleading to have it on a weekend instead.

Stay tuned for updates and further details regarding this exciting event!


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