[NEWS] Teen Top emerges as a hot icon in the advertisement market


Teen Top recently emerged as a hot icon in the advertisement market, proving that they are one of the most sought after acts since they came out with a new album.

Since the group ranked high with “Will You Go Out With Me,” the song they released on August 3, Teen Top has been chosen as a new face of three different brands, including casual clothing, sport wears, and a school uniform.

While being active with their new album, the six dazzling boys will be taking part in various projects, endorsing the sport wears Sketchers and casual clothing Beatoy.

A source from one of the brands stated, “Teen Top has been chosen to be the new model because the group is hugely popular among teenagers, who are our target customers. The group is also getting successful in overseas countries and that suits the global brand image our brand pursues.”

Teen Top will return to performing on August 4 by appearing on MBC’s Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo on August 5.


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[NEWS] TEEN TOP goes all black for new ‘Be Ma Girl’ MV teaser

Boy group TEEN TOP has released a new MV teaser for upcoming summer special single Will You Go Out With Me?.

The teaser pictures have been refreshing as they portray the six members in a different and brighter light, a look that is a 180 degree turn from their previous release. An MV teaser was released a few days ago, with the members in glow-in-the-dark outfits and now, the group has released a second MV teaser for title trackBe Ma Girl. This time, all members look slick in their black outfits, giving fans a new look.


Source: TEEN TOP YouTube

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[NEWS] TEEN TOP to perform orchestral version of “To You” for their goodbye stage on ‘Music Core’


Wrapping up their promotions for their latest track “To You“, TEEN TOP will be presenting fans a special treat for the upcoming goodbye performance on ‘Music Core‘.

The boys, who have gained attention with their addictive song and choreography, will be putting on a special performance with an orchestral version of “To You”.

This orchestral version was prepared specially to thank fans for the love the group has received, and the news has already gained much interest for those anticipating to see how the song they have come to love will be transformed for the upcoming stage.

Make sure to catch the performance later today on ‘Music Core’!

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[INFO] TEEN TOP to show off their cooking skills on ‘TEEN TOP’s Rising 100%’


Popular idol group TEEN TOP is drawing much attention with photos of food they cooked themselves.

The photographs reveal a fried rice and ramen noodle fusion dish with an egg yolk placed on top, along with a stir fried chicken dish complemented with various fruit.

The members announced, “Tada~ The TEEN TOP style cuisine is complete!! Guess which one of the two dishes is the one we made? Haha. To give you a hint the title of our creation is ‘7 in the morning’!! Ah~ well of course the dish we made is… going to be worth the anticipation!”

Fans responded to the photos saying, “The dumpling soup next to the fried rice looks delicious”, “I can visualize them decorating with the tomatoes and cucumber slices”, “If prepared by TEEN TOP, I think anything would taste good”, and more.

Find out which dish is TEEN TOP’s creation on this week’s episode of ‘TEEN TOP’s Rising! 100%’, which airs on July 21st at 9 PM KST!

In related news, TEEN TOP will be finishing up their promotions for “To You“ with an orchestral version of the song on MBC‘s ‘Music Core.

Source + Image: Naver

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[INFO] f(x)’s Luna confesses she would like to collaborate with TEEN TOP’s L.Joe

f(x) member Luna drew attention after admitting she had an eye for TEEN TOP member L.Joe.

Member Luna of girl group f(x) who recently released their hit song “Electric Shock” made a guest-appearance on the July 11th broadcast of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘.

MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked Luna if there was a male artist she would like to perform a duet with. When Luna selected SHINee‘s Onew, they asked her to pick someone outside of SM Entertainment.

Luna then grabbed the attention of the MCs when she responded she would like to collaborate with TEEN TOP rapper L.Joe. “Most people would have selected vocalists Niel or Chunji, but the fact that you selected L.Joe means you have a 100% crush on him,” the MCs hilariously tried to argue.

I’ve seen TEEN TOP’s stage before, and Niel has a lot of camera time,” Luna said. “I’ve seen him dance and sing a lot. But on the other hand, L.Joe stays in the back and only appears during the key moments.”

The MCs then asked Luna to send L.Joe a video message, but Luna refused saying, “If I do that kind of thing, it becomes so awkward when I see him in person.

Luna then began singing a song from her musical ‘Legally Blonde‘, and when she sang ”Will he ask me, ‘will you marry me’?”, the MCs continued to tease her saying, “With L.Joe?”, causing her to become dumbstruck.

Source & Image: Boom
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[INFO] Teen Top members take summer vacation

Pictures of Teen Top members on summer vacation are currently attracting a lot of attention.

On July 12, Teen Top uploaded some pictures of themselves on their me2day and Twitter accounts and said hello to their fans.

Cheonji uploaded a picture of himself in a friendly pose with 100%’s Minwoo with a smiling face and commented, “I’m taking summer vacation a bit earlier than others. Our fun, cheerful, and delightful summer vacation stories will be released in this week’s episode of Teen Top’s Popularity 100%.”

Niel uploaded a picture of himself comfortably lying on a wood chair and enjoying the sun, covering his face with a fedora, with the comment, “I’m taking summer vacation a little early. Here’s a question from me. What’s the best way to enjoy this hot summer?”

Niel soon gave a witty answer: “The answer is watching Teen Top’s summer vacation stories that will be released in this week’s episode of Teen Top’s Popularity 100%, eating cool watermelon.”

People responded: “Teen Top and 100% look so good together!! Cheonji and Minwoo seem alike.” “Niel’s so witty to give such an answer.” “I’m so excited about Teen Top’s summer vacation stories.” “I feel so depressed after seeing Niel’s legs because his figure is so nice.”

Teen Top and 100%’s summer vacation stories can be seen on SBS MTV’s Teen Top’s Popularity 100% on July 14 at 9:00 p.m.


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[INFO] Teen Top’s Niel dressed like a woman to reenact a scene from a TV series

Once again, Teen Top’s Niel appeared in women’s clothes.

The star was first dressed like a woman during the group’s first exclusive concert in Japan. Shyly, he appeared in a wedding veil and gave a surprise performance.

In a recent shooting of SBS Mtv’s Teen Top Rising 100%, Teen Top was given a mission to reenact a scene from SBS’s drama series Rooftop Prince. The leading female character was taken by Niel, and he appeared in a dress with long, straight hair sporting the same image like Han Ji Min.

Female staff on the set exclaimed, “If you look at him from behind, he looks completely like a girl.”

Netizens who saw the picture of Niel in girls’ wear commented: “I’m looking forward to his acting.” “He looks good with long hair.” “He is now an expert in dressing like a woman.”

There was a netizen who inspired laughter with a particular comment, “He’s wearing a dress, but I gotta say he’s a man. He forgot to bring his legs together when wearing a dress.”

The episode will air on July 7 at 9:00 p.m.

Source: TV Report


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TEEN TOP’s Niel breaks SHINee member Minho’s high-jump record


TEEN TOP‘s Niel has broken SHINee member Minho‘s high jump record.

SHINee’s Minho who has been dubbed the ultimate athlete amongst his idol peers has previously set a new record by jumping 1.73 meters (5’8.1″) during the Men’s High Jump round of MBC‘s third annual ‘Idol Star Athletic Championships‘.

However, the members of TEEN TOP set out to try and break his record on a recent episode of SBS MTV‘s ‘War On Issues‘. Members Niel and Ricky both jumped 1.65 meters (5’5″) and 1.6 meters (5’3″) respectively at the 4th annual ‘Idol Star Athletic Championships’ and won the gold and silver medals.

The boys were eager to try and break Minho’s record, Niel reportedly even practiced high jumps at home, determined to become an ‘athletic idol’ just like Minho.

Though there was a lot of concern as to whether or not he could actually surpass Minho, Niel shocked everyone by effortlessly jumping an impressive 1.74 meters (5’8.5″), setting a brand new record.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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TEEN TOP share unique high five before ‘Music Core’ performance

TEEN TOP is receiving attention for the adorable way they pumped themselves up before a recent performance.

Ricky posted on TEEN TOP’s official Twitter June 15th, “Today we’ll be doing it a new way, booty fighting before going on stage, go go! The response from Singaporean Angels was hot – thank you^^ We’ll [see you on] ‘Music Core‘~ Ricky.”

In the attached photo, the boys of TEEN TOP put their behinds together for an interesting and unique high five.

Fans commented, “Cuties who do ‘fighting’ in an adorable way,” “Niel looks like he was the most into it,” and “It’s good to see you guys so [energized]!”

TEEN TOP is currently promoting their song “To You“.

Source: TEEN TOP Twitter

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TEEN TOP returns to the stage with “To You” on ‘Inkigayo’!

After a series of teasersTEEN TOP is back with their newest hot release titled “To You“.

“To You” is the title song of the group’s third mini-album ‘Artist‘. The track has been climbing to the top of music charts ever since its release on May 30 (KST).

The lyrics of “To You” are written from the perspective of a man who cannot forget a woman he once loved.

Check out their comeback stage performance below, along with a special performance of “Baby U“, and be sure to view the rest of today’s clips here (coming soon)!


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