[INFO] Father of 2NE1 leader CL to release his new book, ‘Collage Paris’

Sogang University Physics Professor Lee Gi Jin who also happens to be the father of 2NE1 leader CL will be releasing his new book, ‘Collage Paris‘.

Professor Lee Gi Jin will be releasing his new book ‘Collage Paris’, which unfolds the story of his personal experience in Paris, France.

Lee Gi Jin released the book after traveling to France with his daughter CL, who received a vacation for the first time in 2 years. The two spent their time at art museums admiring the drawings on the walls and walked the streets of the city, eating french onion soup when they became famished. Their intimate and meaningful vacation is summarized in ‘Collage Paris’, accompanied by some very unique drawings.

The professor also talks about the regular people he met in Paris while living there alone. He writes about the things he had in common with these people, the times that never seemed to pass quickly enough, the moments he wanted to treasure forever, the joyful times, the unfortunate times, and more.

‘Collage Paris’ is scheduled to be published on July 20th!

Source & Image : Segye via Nate

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[INFO] 2NE1′s ‘lipstick art’ for New Evolution promo pictures becomes a hot topic


2NE1’s shock factor generally lies around the territory of clothes and hairstyles. This time, however, the girls decided play around with their make up as they pose for promotional posters for “New Evolution,” the girls’ upcoming world tour.

The posters see the four ladies posing fiercely, flaunting their individual look. Netizens took notice of the girls’ lips, as each member has on a rather interesting choice of color and design. Members CL and Dara both have on animal print patterns, while Minzy and Bom have on a solid, pearly shade of purple and light pink respectively.  All four ladies are wearing temporary lip tattoos by Violent Lips, which has become all the rage this summer.

It’s so unique, I think it’s a look only 2NE1 can pull of,” comments one netizen, “It looks kind of creepy, but I like it!

Meanwhile, the girls are working diligently to promote their latest digital single “I Love You” as well as preparing for their world tour, expected to kick off on July 28th in Seoul. Note, the sudden passing of Minzy’s grandmother may alter their promotions.

Source & image: Naver News


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[OFFICIAL] 2NE1 releases “I Love You” Music Video!

For Blackjacks and Kpop fans world wide, it’s time to celebrate the return of 2NE1!

The girls have officially released the music video for “I Love You“, a track that is dubbed as “electro pop”, showing a new fierce, yet sexy transformation of the girls. The song deviates a bit from their previous releases with a more mellow vibe and producer Teddy experimenting with new sounds, but it’s still a formula that works for the girls, nonetheless.

Check out the long awaited music video for “I Love You” below!


Source: Allkpop, 2ne1 youtube


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[INFO] 2NE1′s Dara reveals her eating habits


2NE1‘s Dara revealed a few details about her eating habits during an interview at YG Entertainment on July 6th KST.

Dara stated, “I don’t eat without rice. Whenever I go overseas, I take packaged rice and red pepper paste. I don’t eat bread or ramen as a substitution to a meal. Only rice.”

Fellow 2NE1 member CL commented, “Dara unni always remembers to take her packaged rice, even to Japan, which is close [to Korea]. That’s why her overseas luggage is always filled with rice.” Dara responded, “When I travel far, there are many times I can’t get a proper meal. It’s hard during those moments.”

She went on, “During our recent break, the members and I went to the Alps via airplane for the first time, it was a truly new experience. To be honest, I have a fear of flying so I can’t ride on a plane for long.”

In related new, 2NE1 will have their “I Love You“ comeback stage on this week’s ’Inkigayo‘ on SBS. The group’s world tour, ‘NEW EVOLUTION‘, will start in Seoul, South Korea at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, on July 28-29.

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[INFO] 2NE1′s CL shows off her feminine look with sad eyes


2NE1′s CL showed off her feminine look with sad eyes.

On July 3, 2NE1, recently announced their comeback with “I Love You,” released a music video teaser picture of CL and part of the song on YG Life blog.

In the picture, CL is showing off her feminine look in a sexy pose with sad eyes. A blue butterfly accessory on her nail is making her look mysterious.

YG Entertainment also released some of CL’s part of “I Love You” along with the picture. In the part, CL is singing, “Don’t stop the love song. I’ll singing it for you,” in her distinctive voice.

2NE1′s new song “I Love You” is a song about a girl who confesses her love by frankly telling her feelings. Because 2NE1′s previous songs were usually about confident, cool girls, many music fans are looking forward to 2NE1′s new music style.

2NE1, coming back to the music scene after almost a year, will release “I Love You” on July 5 at midnight on online music stores. On July 8, they will give a comeback performance on SBS TV’s Inkigayo.


Source: Starnews


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