[NEWS] CNBLUE reveals the member that acts differently around fans + member with the worst sleeping habits

CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk commented on leader Yonghwa‘s two personalities on the August 26th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘.

In the broadcast, the members jokingly picked on Yonghwa and explained that he acts differently in front of fans. Minhyuk stated, while cautiously keeping an eye out on Yonghwa’s reaction, “Yonghwa hyung is good at playing cool [in front of the fans]“, making the rest of the members laugh.

The members also revealed the member with the worst sleeping habits on the show. Yonghwa ratted out, “Jungshin complains out loud in his sleep“, drawing attention from fans.

Minhyuk is currently making a name for himself as an actor on ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly‘, while Jungshin has landed a role on the upcoming drama ‘My Daughter Soyoung.

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[VIDEO|ENGSUB] JongHyun’s appearance in SBS Strong Heart



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[Scans|Trans] Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun answered 50 questions on EXILE Magazine


Q1: After completing major first album, the first word you said?

YH: Oh~ Awesome!

JH: Finished~

Q2: After celebrating the completion of the album, if you’d praise JungShin, what kind of words you’d present him with?

YH: You followed well. Even though bass was as much difficult as MinHyuk’s drums, you have done well.

JH: Thank you and good job. Please do the same next time, too!

Q3: After celebrating the completion of the album, if you’d praise MinHyuk, what kind of words you’d present him with?

YH: You did well. I think drum parts were very hard because all the songs had different drum styles but, you made it yours.

JH: “I think it was hard because you had been working at drama filming at the same time. So, thank you and good job. Please do the same next time, too!” like this? (Laughs)

Q4: After celebrating the completion of the album, if you’d praise YongHwa, what kind of words you’d present him with?

YH: Wonderful. Always making a great effort to make a new type of songs, I think it was a splendid challenge.

JH: Thank you and good job. Please do the same next time, too!..Same words for eveybody(Laughs)

Q5: After celebrating the completion of the album, if you’d praise yourself, what kind of words you’d present yourself with?

YH: Wrote so many songs…Good job.(Laughs)

JH:  Did very well! It was hard because it overlapped with the drama filming, right.

Q6: “CODE NAME BLUE” = …. If you fill in the blanks?

YH: Chameleon. I think you’ll understand if you listen this album but, we’ve challenged various genres with the band, each song shows various expressions like a chameleon.

JH: It’s us.

Q7: The song you personally recommended?

YH: The 4th song “Time is over” is a very powerful song.

JH: It’s the 8th song “These Days”. Because I made the song when I was a trainee, I’m glad that it has been recorded in this album.

Q8: In this work, what kind of CNBLUE charm is coming out strongly?

YH: The songs that has a strong image are strongly, soft ones are softly… There is a wide range of variations.

JH: It’s an album like listening iPod while shuffling where you can enjoy various tastes. This is connected to the “Let’s make various kinds of music”, our initial impulse, that we think when we started the band.

Q9: Speaking of the most memorable episode during production?

YH: Recorded at the producer’s modified house studio. It was impressive that the atmosphere was familial like entering someone’s home rather than a recording room.

JH: The song I made “No More” is actually a song that I once was frustrated in the middle of production. But, after discussing it with YongHwa Hyung, it became satisfying. That process is impressive for me.

Q10: If you think about the album production now, …It was tiring? It was fun?

YH: It was fun!

JH: Album production is always hard! But, the boiling up feeling when it’s over is also hard to change with something else. I’m continuing music to taste that feeling.

CNBLUE  – Entertainment

Q11: Do you always check the programs that you went out?

YH: I also watch to study. I check whether I did perfectly or not.

Q12: The movie that impressed you lately?

JH: I reviewed a lot of work of Jang Dong Gun whom I acted with in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” but, “Friend” , as I thought, was great. As it’s location is Busan, my hometown, I felt nostalgic.

Q13: Is there a Facebook or Twitter profile that you check often?

YH: I don’t look at other people’s sites much. We also have Facebook or Twitter account but, for now we don’t understand it very well. (Laughs) We’re in the middle of investigating it (or “getting used to it.”)

 Translator’s note: 13th question wasn’t in Riho-san’s tweets but luckily I found it in her magazine photos. It was on the corner so if I didn’t see correctly and mistranslated it, I’m sorry. T-T )

Q14: Who heats up the karaoke? Who sings?

JH: I’m the always singing type. I don’t let go of the microphone! From a little bit old ones to the recent ones, I sing everything. Especially, like Nakashima Mika’s “Snowflower”(Yuki no Hana), I like ballads.

Q15: The music that you’ve been addicted recently?

YH: Maroon 5’s new song “Overexposed”. I felt like I was being refined.

 Translator’s note: About YH’s answer, Maroon 5 recently released a full album named “Overexposed”  and there are 15 songs in the deluxe edition of it. But none of them named “Overexposed” so we don’t know exactly which song YongHwa is addicted to. T-T  )

Q16: The word that comes from when said EXILE ?

JH: “Many” It has a strong image of large number of people.

Q17: The most helpful entertainment work to study Japanese?

YH: Drama “Buzzer Beat~ Gakeppuchi no Hero”. It was interesting because I like basketball.

Q18: The celebrity you want to meet now?

JH: Eric Clapton. Some time ago, I went to see his live concert in Korea. It was really good.

Q19: Your favorite TV show?

YH: Lately, I haven’t watched much TV. I don’t know much about what kind of shows are on. It’s retirement life (Laughs)

Q20: The entertainer that gets your attention?

JH: There is a variety show named “Gag Concert” in Korea. Those who go out there are interesting.

CNBLUE – The Band

Q21: In 2009, for half a year, decisive action of doing street live concerts in Japan. What was the most fun thing at that time?

YH: How to attract people who don’t know us, how to gather them. That is the charm of street live concerts and it was the most fun thing. I still want to do if it’s possible.

Q22: When doing street live concerts, which member do you think worked the hardest?

JH: I think everybody worked hard the same, rather than someone, alone.

Q23: The thing you think you’re glad to experience street live concerts?

YH: There are some guests that we’ve met at street live concerts, supporting us all along even now and that is the thing(we’re glad)

Q24: If you have been told to go back to the street live concert times, now?

JH: I would go back! It was hard but it was also fun!

Q25: Do you think that the band’s style changed after major debut?

YH: Its style didn’t change but, our hearts became stronger. Rather than saying “a new departure”, I think the feelings became tense.

Q26: Do you go out to play with everyone?

JH: I don’t go out to play with anyone other than the members. (Laughs) But, recently everyone was busy with their individual activities so I’ll be happy if 4 of us becomes all present!

Q27: Speaking of the current advantages of CNBLUE?

YH: Youth and passion.

Q28: Speaking of the current disadvantages of CNBLUE?

JH: I think having a rich variety of music is our colour but, it’s an advantage and also an disadvantage. But, we are still young and we want to enjoy, not only look at one direction.

Q29: The things you want to do at your arena tour that starts in October?

YH: I’m about to think now. Some time ago we came out to a-nation but, VAMPS’s performance we saw there was impressive. Because there was a sense of unity with the audience and it was wonderful, I want to consult with them certainly.

Q30: Speaking of 3 things you want to accomplish as CNBLUE?

JH: “I want to continue the band forever.” I think this alone is enough. (Laughs)

CNBLUE – Fashion and Beauty 

Q31: What kind of fashion do you like usually?

YH: In the past, I liked the outfits that are sewn on lots of jingly things but, lately I like simple clothes like T-shirt and denims.

Q32: The most stylish member?

JH:  I think previously it was YongHwa Hyung but, now everyone is stylish except me. (Laughs)

Q33: For bath, shower? Being totally soaked? 

 Translator’s note:: The interviewer asks him which one does he prefer? )

YH: If I have time, I’m the type that likes to be totally soaked. But, generally shower is more, I think.

Q34: There are things that I collect like hats, shoes, eyeglasses, accessories?

JH: There isn’t. I don’t have much interest in fashion.

Q35: The thing you do to promote fatigue recovery?

YH: I sleep! If I’m told to choose between meal or sleep, I (choose) sleep. (Laughs) Because I am not the type that sleeps quickly anywhere, I want to sleep in advance even a little bit, if I have time.

Q36: For perfume, do you use it as TPO properly? 

( Translator’s note: TPO means Time-Place-Occasion)

JH: It’s not like “using properly” but, I choose in the mood of that day. The one I’m wearing lately is Chanel that I received. Sexy or refreshing, I don’t know how to say it, it’s a mysterious smell.

Q37: The thing you obsessed with is hair style or fashion or body type?

YH: They’re all important but, if I say by force(or “if I have to choose”), it’s fashion.

Q38: Do you care about skin care once?

JH: I don’t care. I don’t use packs and I only use lotion.

Q39: Is training in the gym  essential?

YH: Yes. I go by about 5 days a week.

Q40: Do you have a valued health method?

JH: It’s best to move the body. Recently, I can’t go but,when I workout at the gym for about 2 hours, I become lighter not only physically but also mentally.


Q41: Friendship and love, if you have to choose, which one?

YH: Friendship.Because I think it’s much more important than love. I’m the type that gives priority to a friend’s promise. It’s not good to be prejudiced but, I think it’s hard to get along with someone who can not understand that point.

JH: Long time ago, it was friendship, even there was no need to think of, but now, it might be love. To say it in another way, it depends on the situation and because it’s the extent of imagination, it’s hard to state definitely.(Laughs)

Q42: Do you think  ”tender passion” and “affection” is different?

( Translator’s note: “Koi”(tender passion) and “Ai”(affection) can be roughly translated as love but there is a nuance between them. For more information please check this site— http://japanese.about.com/od/japanesecultur1/a/The-Japanese-Words-For-Love.htm )

YH: I think it’s different but, it’s hard to say how they are different because I still don’t know. It might be the difference between “like” and “love”… I think there is noone who can properly answer this question. (Laughs)

JH: I think it’s different.I feel like “Tender passion” contains a feeling like yearning in addition to the feeling of love.

Q43: Can you appeal to the person you love?

YH: I can. I’d rather to appeal myself.

JH: Yes. I totally do.

Q44: A dish that you want to be made by a girl?

YH: Spaghetti. Because it’s my favorite food. I can eat no matter how it tastes.

JH: Anything, as long as she makes. I can eat deliciously even if that isn’t my favorite taste. Actually there are lots of food I dislike but….It’s okay, I can eat. (Laughs)

Q45: Do you think you can be friends with the opposite sex?

YH: I think so and actually I have woman friends who advise me about many things. I think the tip of being friends with an opposite sex is to listen the other one’s story very well.

JH: I think I can not. In the case of the opposite sex, she becomes friends because she has love-like feelings even it’s a little bit. Be honest, do you think she can become friends even if she isn’t interested?

Q46: Do you want to plan the date yourself?

YH: I want to. But not only me, I also want my partner to plan things out. The relationship that you can say anything, isn’t it the ideal relationship?

JH: I don’t think much. Since I like strong woman, it’s rather good to be pulled.

Q47: Would you rather to confess your love? Or to be confessed?

YH: I’m the type that wants to make the confession myself. Not with mail, I want to say it directly with my mouth.

JH: I make the confession. Because I want to convey my feelings to my partner.

Q48: Cute or beautiful, which one is your type?

YH: Cute type. But, I’m not concerned about face, I like girls who have a bright and charming personality.

JH: Recently, I don’t know. I feel like there is no meaning in deciding which (of them is my type). If I say by force (or “if I have to choose”), I think it’s (my type is) cute, now. The feeling is important than that!

Q49: The member who is likely to be an ideal husband?

YH: I’m the best! Kidding(Laughs) Maybe MinHyuk. Because he is a good caring person.

JH: Unexpectedly(?!) it’s JungShin. Because he is too gentle, even to the degree that I sometimes think he is too gentle. So, I think his wife’ll be at ease.(Laughs)

Q50: Can you balance love and work?

YH: I think I can but, I don’t want to do that much. Because for now, I want to focus on my work.

JH: I can! I can switch over precisely.


Magazine scans by: @mi_malice
Credit|Japanese text by: @liiiiho_ft
Credit|English translation by: Depps1004 on Tumblr



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120728 CNB LOP ENG SUBBED Updated


Translation : Jess @cnblue4u.com
HardSubber: Jess @cnblue4.com
Edit: Hannah
*Note: Because languages don’t match up 100%, there are certain words in Korean that have no English equivalent, and vice versa.This translation is not 100% accurate.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa meets Top 3 supermodels

CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yong Hwa recently transformed into a trendy boy in a TV commercial.

On June 7, Jung’s agency, FNC Music, said Jung shot a TV commercial for Olive Young with the Top 3 supermodels, Jin Jung Sun, Park Seul Gi, and Lee Jenny, who appeared on On Style’s Challenge! Supermodel Korea 2.

In the still, which was released online, Jung is transformed into a trendy boy and is receiving a lot of attention from the ladies. He is helping the ladies look more beautiful in a fancy powder room.

An official for the commercial says, “We shot the commercial not only in a powder room but also in various places to attractively portray Jung. In the commercial, CNBLUE members, who are currently keeping busy doing individual schedules, gathered together once more.

Ha Eun Young, the head of CJ Olive Young’s marketing team, says, “We cast CNBLUE to promote our concept, which leads trends among females in their 20s and 30s. Beauty and health were our theme for the commercial. Through the commercial, the group will be able to show off their healthy and beautiful charms.”


Source: TV Report


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