[NEWS] F.T. Island’s Hongki becomes new ‘M! Countdown’ MC

With news of Tony An leaving his MC position on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ after one year, it has been revealed that F.T. Island‘s Hongki is taking over as the new host!

On August 27th, PD Jung Yoo Jin of ‘M! Countdown’ revealed, “In addition to the reorganization of the program, Lee Hongki has been appointed as the new MC  beginning on August 30th.”

Producers of the program explained, “Lee Hongki holds the qualities of being an outstanding host with his volubility and wit. In particular, he is fluent in Japanese and is very popular overseas, therefore we have selected him as the most suitable to host the global music chart show, ‘M! Countdown’.”

Check out Hongki’s first appearance as MC on this week’s ’M! Countdown’!

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate via allkpop.com


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[NEWS] FTISLAND Draws Biggest Audience for Mezamashi Live in Japan


FTISLAND performed at “Mezamashi Live” that was held at Odaiba, Tokyo on 28 July, heating up the passions in Japan.

“Mezamashi Live” is Fuji TV’s summer outdoor concert and this is also the 2nd consecutive year that FTISLAND has participated in it. Last year, the members proved their popularity by attracting about 10,000 fans to the event, breaking a record in history for “Mezamashi Live”. This year, they broke the record once again and created a big sensation in Japan.

FTISLAND started off their performance with “STAY”. The back of the crowd extended far beyond what the cameras could capture while FTISLAND performed many other songs like “PAPER PLANE”, “LIFE”, “NEVERLAND”, “Boom Boom Boom” and their new single title “TOP SECRET” that is slated for release on 8 August. Their stage reached its peak when everyone started singing along with the band.

FTISLAND commented that, “Many people came to watch Mezamashi Live last year and it was still vivid in our memory. We’re really thankful that many people came this year to support us as well. We have even prepared 2 more songs for the encore segment.”

During the encore segment, FTISLAND performed “Barae” and “Flower Rock”, displaying the passionate spirit of their live performance.


Credit: Sports Chosun + ying1005@withtreasures

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FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki will be making a screen debut.

According to movie investor KJ-Net on the 30th, Lee Hongki will crank-in for the movie “Our Heaven” (temporary title) in September as “Choong Ee” the K-pop star.

“Our Heaven” is a comical human drama, talking about a top star who raises social criticism and works as a volunteer at a hospice hospital that is facing closure. From there, he realizes the preciousness of life and music.

Though “Choong Ee” is a star who receives lots of love from the public, he is also one who is experiencing growing pains. As he carries out volunteer service at the hospital, he receives treatment for his hidden pain.

Having already proven his acting skills in the drama “You’re Beautiful”, Lee Hongki said that, “I want to be careful in the selection as this is my first screen debut. I’ve read the script and I’m deeply moved by it, so I have decided to participate in the movie.”

The movie will be directed Nam Taeksu and will go on screen in the earlier half of next year in Korea and Japan.


Credit: Yonhap News + ying1005@withtreasures

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[INFO] FT ISLAND to model for Toreore Fried Chicken

FT ISLAND has been selected to model for Toreore Fried Chicken.

Members of FTISLAND had a CF shooting at a filming set located in Kyunggi-do on 21st last month.

FTISLAND said that, “Our members really love to eat chicken and we’re happy to model for a fried chicken CF. Drummer, Choi Minhwan is a chicken maniac and is even nicknamed ‘Chicken Professor’. His video ‘Tutorial on Eating Chicken’ has also created issues on the internet.

Besides having completed their Japan solo tour concert ‘FTISLAND Summer Tour 2012~ RUN! RUN! RUN!’, which attracted a total of 60,000 fans, FTISLAND also held a successful concert in Hong Kong on 14 July, with an audience capacity of 4,000, proving their popularity in Asia once again.

On the other hand, FTISLAND will be releasing their 8th Japanese single ‘TOP SECRET’ on 8 August.


Credit: Sports Chosun + Chosun Ilbo + ying1005@withtreasures
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[INFO] Seol Hyun from F.T. Island’s “Severely” MV confirmed to be a member of FNC’s new girl group

With the news of FNC Entertainment preparing to debut its first girl group, the mysterious girl who was in F.T. Island‘s MV for “Severely” is receiving attention, once again.

The girl, who’s name is Seol Hyun, was nicknamed ‘Lee Hong Ki‘s girl’ due to her lead role as Lee Hong Ki’s love interest in the MV. With her tall height and beautiful looks, Seol Hyun is said to be a former model for school uniforms and a popular ulzzang.

FNC Entertainment confirmed Seol Hyun as an upcoming member stating, “It’s true that Seol Hyun is one of the members for the girl group. We’re planning on opening an official teaser website on July 13th at 2PM (KST), so please anticipate it.”

Source: The Star Chosun
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[INFO] Audio and PV preview of F.T. Island’s upcoming Japanese single, “Top Secret”, revealed

.T. Island is gearing up for the release of their newest Japanese single “Top Secret” on August 8th, and ahead of its release, the song was aired on Japanese radio giving fans a taste of what’s to come!

The boys have also completed shooting their upcoming PV and the preview was aired on TV showing the group’s new concept and the use of interesting black and white tiles.

The new single will include “Top Secret” as well as two more coupling tracks, “Beloved” and “Here“, and will be dropped on August 8th ahead of the upcoming release of their ‘Run! Run! Run!‘ tour DVD on September 26th.

Without further ado, check out the audio and video previews of “Top Secret” below!

Audio (starts around the 10:20 mark)

20120707 K-POP DISCOVERY by _haebaragi


Source: F.T. Island’s Japanese Homepage


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