[NEWS] F.T. Island’s Hongki becomes new ‘M! Countdown’ MC

With news of Tony An leaving his MC position on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ after one year, it has been revealed that F.T. Island‘s Hongki is taking over as the new host!

On August 27th, PD Jung Yoo Jin of ‘M! Countdown’ revealed, “In addition to the reorganization of the program, Lee Hongki has been appointed as the new MC  beginning on August 30th.”

Producers of the program explained, “Lee Hongki holds the qualities of being an outstanding host with his volubility and wit. In particular, he is fluent in Japanese and is very popular overseas, therefore we have selected him as the most suitable to host the global music chart show, ‘M! Countdown’.”

Check out Hongki’s first appearance as MC on this week’s ’M! Countdown’!

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate via allkpop.com


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FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki will be making a screen debut.

According to movie investor KJ-Net on the 30th, Lee Hongki will crank-in for the movie “Our Heaven” (temporary title) in September as “Choong Ee” the K-pop star.

“Our Heaven” is a comical human drama, talking about a top star who raises social criticism and works as a volunteer at a hospice hospital that is facing closure. From there, he realizes the preciousness of life and music.

Though “Choong Ee” is a star who receives lots of love from the public, he is also one who is experiencing growing pains. As he carries out volunteer service at the hospital, he receives treatment for his hidden pain.

Having already proven his acting skills in the drama “You’re Beautiful”, Lee Hongki said that, “I want to be careful in the selection as this is my first screen debut. I’ve read the script and I’m deeply moved by it, so I have decided to participate in the movie.”

The movie will be directed Nam Taeksu and will go on screen in the earlier half of next year in Korea and Japan.


Credit: Yonhap News + ying1005@withtreasures

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FT Island members enjoy a few cold beers at the Han River


FT Island shared a few photos of the members enjoying a few glasses of beer.

Band member Lee Hongki shared the photos via his official Twitter page on June 6th and wrote, “A glass of beer outside in the nice weather!”

Ahead of this, leader Jonghun shared the photo below and excitedly wrote, “GOOD! Han River Han River 🙂

In the photos, Lee Hongki and Lee Jaejin chased away the summer heat with a nice tall glass full of cold refreshing beer. The way they adorably smiled ear to ear also drew smiles from their nuna fans.

Fans who were glad to see the boys enjoy some time off remarked, “You guys look so happy“, “I want to be included too“, “All grown up now!”, and more.



Source & Image : OSEN, Hongki‘s Twitter, Jonghoon‘s Twitter


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FT Island celebrates their 5-year anniversary

Korean pop / rock band FT Island who performed their very first music stage with “Love Sick” through Mnet‘s M! Countdown back on June 7th of 2007 are celebrating their 5th anniversary today.

To commemorate the milestone, lead vocalist Hongki recently wrote via his official Twitter page, “Today is our five-year anniversary… time sure does fly… I guess we are who we are today because of all the different things that have happened. Thank you, and we will continue to work and sing hard. All you Pri(madonna)’s, I love you!!! Let’s go until the day we die.”

Fans congratulated Hongki and the rest of the members by responding, “Congratulations!”, “Fighting!”, “Please continue to keep singing!”, and “You make my life so much better!”

Congratulations on their fifth year anniversary!

Source: Hongki‘s official Twitter page


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