[INFO] 2NE1′s Dara shaves her hair for the fourth time for their comeback


2ne1‘s Dara recently uploaded a photo of her fourth head shaving for 2ne1′s “I Love You” comeback.

She uploaded the photo on her me2day with the post, “Good morning! I shaved my hair again for ‘Inkigayo’! It had grown a lot! Why does it grow back so quickly? It is now the fourth time [shaving my hair]! Watch today’s ‘Ingigayo’! See you later!

Fans commented on the photo with, “Fourth time? She must hate shaving her hair“, “Wow, it’s already the fourth time“, and “Only Dara can pull off the half shaved head look.


Source + image via Dara’s me2day


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[INFO] 2NE1 cancels appearance on ‘M! Countdown’ for this week

YG Entertainment has announced that 2NE1 has cancelled their comeback stage for Mnet’sM! Countdown‘, which was scheduled to be held on July 12th.

On July 5th, the ladies made a comeback after a one year hiatus with a track titled ‘I Love You‘ and kicked off their various music program promotions beginning with ‘Inkigayo‘ on the 8th.

However, with the passing of Minzy‘s great aunt (often referred to as her “grandmother” as great aunt in Korean is literally “aunt grandmother”), Gong Ok Jin, who is famous for being a pioneer in Korean cultural dance, 2NE1 has cancelled their upcoming ‘M! Countdown’ performance.

Gong Ok Jin’s funeral will be attended by those in Korean classical music and culture and the funeral is planned to span four days.

A representative of YG Entertainment stated, “Minzy wants to be there to send off her great aunt.  Staff members at the broadcasting companies were very understanding and allowed us to cancel our appearance for this week.”

The members of 2NE1 will still hold the “me2day star chatting” event with their fans through me2day on the 11th, with the exception of Minzy.

All four ladies of 2NE1 will stand on the stage together after the funeral period for Gong Ok Jin has passed.


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[INFO] Music 2NE1 to premiere dance practice video on July 11th

Less than 24 hours since 2NE1‘s phenomenal Inkigayo comeback stage, and the ladies have given fans another surprise.  On July 11th at midnight KST, 2ne1 will reveal an “I Love You” dance practice video.

This isn’t the first time, 2NE1 has released a choreography video.  In fact, their choreography clip for “I am the Best“, released last year, has logged over 7 million views and counting.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch.

Blackjacks have been clamouring for a video of the full choreography since the music video dropped, it looks like fans will be getting their wish very soon.

Are you excited?

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[OFFICIAL] 2NE1 releases “I Love You” Music Video!

For Blackjacks and Kpop fans world wide, it’s time to celebrate the return of 2NE1!

The girls have officially released the music video for “I Love You“, a track that is dubbed as “electro pop”, showing a new fierce, yet sexy transformation of the girls. The song deviates a bit from their previous releases with a more mellow vibe and producer Teddy experimenting with new sounds, but it’s still a formula that works for the girls, nonetheless.

Check out the long awaited music video for “I Love You” below!


Source: Allkpop, 2ne1 youtube


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[OFFICIAL] 2NE1 releases Minzy & Park Bom’s teasers for “I LOVE YOU”

After revealing the “I LOVE YOU” teaser for Dara, and CL the teasers for 2NE1‘s Minzy and Park Bom have been revealed.

Labeled ‘electro-pop’, “I LOVE YOU” has a mellower vibe than many of 2NE1′s previous title songs, though still retains the signature feel of a 2NE1 track.  With only a day until the July 5th (Korean Standard Time) release, we’re getting excited for the full track.

Check out Park Bom’s teaser below!

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[INFO] Dara announces 2NE1′s ‘me2day Star Chatting’ event!


Dara has announced 2NE1‘s ’me2day Star Chatting‘ event!

The 2NE1 member posted to me2day on July 2nd KST, “What’s up?!? Everyone~ Shall we talk? July 11th evening!!! me2day star chatting with 2NE1!!! Are there things you’ve been curious about or wanted to tell us?!? I’m curious! For those who want to participate~ Right now! Register~ ^_^ It’s real chatting~! Wow~ My heart’s fluttering! What should we talk about…?”

Registration for a chance to participate in the chatting event will be open from July 2nd until the 9th at midnight KST. The ten lucky Blackjacks who’ve won the opportunity to chat with the 2NE1 members will be revealed on July 10 KST, and the actual chat event will take place on the evening of the 11th.

Fans must download me2day’s official smartphone application, click on the “People are” button, click on “Events”, and finally choose “me2day Star Chatting 2NE1 version” to enter.

In the meantime, check out the teaser for 2NE1′s ‘New Evolution‘ tour here, and watch out for the release of their upcoming single “I Love You” on July 5th.

Source: Dara’s me2day
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