[INFO] CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun’s AGD OST ‘My Love’ No.1 on Chart

CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun AGD OST ‘My Love’ has shown a steady rise trend thanks to the popularity of the drama.

On the broadcast of episode 13 on July 7th ‘My Love’ played by Jonghyun’s guitar hit no.1 on various music charts and ringtone chart.

‘My Love’ swept the no.1 in Melon Top Music Chart, no.1 popular ringtone chart, no.1 Bugs popular OST chart (from July 8th to July 14th), and no.1 MNet OST chart.


In addition, Lee Jong Hyun played as Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun)’s son, Collin, in A Gentleman’s Dignity drama, his lonely eyes and expression have drawn interests. Many fans like the  appearance of Lee Jong Hyun and his various expressions named ‘grumpy Collin’, ‘bright Collin’, ‘evil Collin’, ‘happy Collin’.

Lee Jong Hyun said “I’m very grateful and couldn’t imagine ‘My Love’ received so much love. When recording the song I tried to call emphaty for Collin.  Please watch the rest episodes of the drama and I’ll do my best to give you a good show.”


Source: The Star Chosun

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[News] CNBLUE boasts great teamwork, supporting each other with drama cameos

Popular idol band CNBLUE shows off their great teamwork and has proven their close relationship with each other.

Jung Yonghwa made an appearance in the 13th episode of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” – starred by fellow member Lee Jonghyun – and his cameo in the drama as “CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa” really made the news.

Even before the episode airs, Jung Yonghwa‘s cameo appearance had become headlines all over the news and his scene with Kim Haneul and Jang Donggun was filmed successfully.

Jung Yonghwa said, “All CNBLUE members love to watch “A Gentleman’s Dignity”together to see Jonghyunie (Lee Jonghyun), so it’s an great honor for me to be able to make an appearance in this drama myself.”

Lee Jonghyun added, “During the weekend all members will get together to support and watch “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. Having Yonghwa Hyung as cameo really made me happy. The members thought that his character and the episode he appeared in were both fun to watch.”

Aside from Jung Yonghwa, bassist Lee Jungshin also made a cameo in “My Husband Got A Family” – starring “national little brother” Kang Minhyuk as Cha Segwang – to further prove their impressive teamwork.

Lee Jungshin commented, “Making my first TV appearance in “national drama” “My Husband Got A Family”  really made me happy and nervous at the same time. But it’s also meaningful because I got to film it with Minhyukie (Kang Minhyuk), who has received a lot of love from the drama.”

Kang Minhyuk then said, “I really enjoyed filming with Jungshinie (Lee Jungshin). The drama writer has created a perfect role for him, so you can look forward for it.”

CNBLUE has always been known for their great teamwork. Hence, having the special appearances or cameos really prove  their support towards each other.

Source: The Star Chosun
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[INFO] CNBLUE’s Jonghyun releases “My Love” for ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ OST

CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun has released “My Love” for the ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘ OST.

“My Love” will be included in the fifth OST for the drama. Previous OST tracks such as Kim Tae Woo‘s “High High“, Yangpa‘s “Love… What to Do“, and 8eight Lee Hyun‘s “My Heart Aches” have all been hits, and Jongyun’s “My Love” is expected to be the same.

Listen to “My Love” below.


Source: Allkpop


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CNBLUE’s drama series collectively draws in over 50% of viewer ratings

The members of CNBLUE proved that they too are multi-talented idol stars.


Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jonghyun who have taken on acting roles in KBS 2TV‘s ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly‘ and SBSGentlemen’s Class‘ have collectively reeled in 50% of viewer ratings.


According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly’ which aired on June 17th drew in a total of 36.2% viewer ratings, while ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ drew in 16.6%, together totaling 52.8%.


Both dramas happen to air on the weekend, making CNBLUE fans squeal in delight as they can monitor both series back to back.


Minhyuk plays the role of Cha Sae Kwang, the younger brother of Kim Nam Joo in ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly’, effortlessly pulling off the ‘bad boy’ image. He also displays his sense of humor interacting with actor Kwak Dong Yeon, and shows his more romantic side as he acts alongside Oh Yeon Seo.


Kang Minhyuk made his small-screen debut with SBSIt’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl‘ and also took on a role in MBC‘s ‘Heartstrings‘. He is earning praise for his stable and natural acting abilities, especially in his current drama series.


Fellow group member Lee Jong Hyun who first tried his hand at acting through film ‘Acoustic‘ alongside Minhyuk has made his own small-screen debut through ‘Gentlemen’s Class’. Jonghyun plays the role of 19 year old Colin who crosses over to Korea to find his father.


In related news, CNBLUE will be releasing their third Japanese single ‘Come On‘ on August 1st.


Source & Image: SportsDongA via Nate

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SHINee’s Jonghyun thinks Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu resembles actor Gong Yoo?



Hip hop duo Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu is receiving much attention for a recent tweet regarding actor Gong Yoo.

On June 13th, he tweeted, “Just now, SHINee‘s Jonghyun told me I look like Gong Yoo from ‘Big‘ #fact.”

Upon seeing his tweet, netizens commented, “I think Jonghyun is being too nice“, “Comparing Gong Yoo and Sangchu?“, and “Sangchu has his own unique style, but Gong Yoo is a god.”

Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk also tweeted in response saying, “You must be drunk”, causing followers to laugh.

Meanwhile, actor Gong Yoo is currently starring in KBS‘s ‘Big’ as a 30 year old doctor whose soul gets switched with that of an 18 year old.

Do you agree with Jonghyun?

Source: Sangchu’s Twitter, Jang Geun Suk’s Twitter

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