[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu will soon start his world tour

JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) is starting his world tour as a solo singer.

On July 16, C-jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, reported, “Junsu will soon start his world tour of North and South America and Europe after finishing his concert tour of Asia.”

Junsu, releasing his first solo album and topping the music charts of several countries, has recently decided to have a world tour.

Baek Chang Joo, CEO of C-jes Entertainment, says, “Junsu’s solo album was to sell in all over Asia including Korea from the first time. The music video of the lead song was also produced on a large scale in order to target the overseas market. A lot of requests for Junsu’s concert were received from many overseas countries, so we’ve decided to have world tour.”

He also said, “Junsu is also planning to release a repackaged album for this world tour. This album will contain a song in English for overseas fans, and the music video of the song will also be filmed in the U.S. We cannot tell you in detail yet but many famous staff members will participate in the music video.”

Junsu will visit two to three cities per continent, including North and South America and Europe, for this tour.

Junsu is currently having concert tour of Asia. He’s visited Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China, including Korea. He will have the last concert of his Asian tour in August in Hong Kong.

Source: Starnews


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[INFO] JYJ’s Junsu shows his affection for his look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME


JYJ‘s Junsu sent his love to his look-alike, Insoo of MYNAME.

On June 28th, Insoo posted on MYNAME’s official Twitter, “A big present arrived for me, someone who has received a lot of help from the fact that people commented that I look like Junsu sunbae ever since my debut… Each [of his] word is a like a big lesson for me…You’re the best! Let’s get food sometime and play soccer, Junsu hyung!!! Thank you!!^^” along with a photo.

In the picture, Insoo is seen holding up a signed album from the sunbae his has looked up since his past. The hand-written message from Junsu reads, “Let’s get food sometime. Are you good at soccer?” showing Junsu’s affections for his younger look-alike.

Fans commented, “How nice of Junsu“, “They really do look alike“, and “Even eating together! Insoo is so lucky“.

Meanwhile, MYNAME is actively promoting “Hello & Goodbye“.

Source: MYNAME’s Twitter




JYJ members reveal their close friendship through text messages


On June 15th, JYJ‘s Jaejoong uploaded a picture on his Twitter page with the description “The comments between our members are perhaps too lovey-dovey for guys… Ah but suddenly, I’ve gained strength! Let’s have strength today too!”

The picture was a screenshot of text messages exchanged between Kim Jaejoong and Yoochun. One particular message dated March 14th, said, “I wanted to stay up all night with you. I wanted to keep crying alongside you. I am sorry and I love you.” This text was sent during the period when Yoochun was mourning the death of his father.

In addition, Junsu had also revealed a screenshot of his Kakao Talk conversation with Jaejoong with the commentary, “I received this text early yesterday morning… even while busy shooting his drama and movie, Jaejoong hyung still looks after me and constantly checks up on meand gets excited when I’m mentioned during his interviews about his drama”.

Jaejoong had sent messages such as “Junsu, I saw your dance version MV” and “After pulling an all-nighter, I’m watching the MV now in the motel“. Junsu replied, “Thank you hyung! Fighting!”

Junsu also added, “Yoochun, who promoted and complimented my album… I’m so lucky to be part of the same team”, shedding light on the brotherly love between the JYJ members.

Source: Jaejoong’s Twitter, Junsu’s Twitter

Image: Osen

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JYJ’s Junsu visits Indonesia for the first time

On June 15th, JYJ‘s Junsu held a press conference at the JITEC (Mangga Dua Square) in Indonesia for his Asia tour.

Over 100 reporters bustled at the scene, and Junsu made an effort to genuinely respond to each question asked. On being in Indonesia, he revealed, “I wanted to come here with all of the members of JYJ so I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t. I’m glad that I can come to such an amazing country as a solo artist so I will promise you that I’ll put on a show just as amazing.”

When asked why he dyed his hair blue, he replied, “Since this is my first time visiting Indonesia, I wanted to create a fresh start with myself. I also wanted to just change it up a bit.”

Reporters then asked what kind of advice he’d give to Indonesian youth on their futures. “As you live on, you’ll realize that where there is good, there is also bad. Don’t waste your energy on the bad and try to be satisfied with the good. Gaining positive energy will bring about great accomplishments.”

A representative of his Indonesian concert organizer expressed, “There aren’t a lot of Hallyu stars that visit Indonesia yet, so Junsu’s visit has been earning a lot of interest. Many have already heard that he is known for high quality concerts so there is a lot of anticipation going for him.”

Junsu’s concert will be held on June 16th.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

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JYJ’s Junsu releases dance version of “TARANTALLEGRA” MV


We haven’t had enough of “TARANTALLEGRA“, and lucky for us all, JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) is back with a new dance version of the music video!

As earlier reported, this release was in preparation for an upcoming international tour across Asia later this summer. A representative from Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment had previously stated, “This new dance version will focus more on the performance itself, and fans will be able to recognize the extent of Kim Junsu’s performance capabilities.

The choreographer was created by Jeri Slaughter, who has choreographed for Christina Aguilera and also directed JYJ’s concert tour back in 2010.


Source: Allkpop

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