[TWITTER UPDATE] Happy Chuseok from SJ’s Donghae ^^

Lee Donghae, member of Super Junior, and the lead actor of “Miss Panda and Hedgehog” greets everyone a Happy Chuseok day. He uploaded a photo together with other SJ member including Kangin, Siwon and Yesung and then stated, “Long time no see !!^^ Happy 추석 !! With SJ^^ Good night !!”

Happy Chuseok! ♥


SOURCE: Donghae’s Twitter

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120725 Super Junior’s Ryeowook shares unreleased ‘Star Life Theater’ photo


Super Junior‘s Ryeowook tweeted on the 25th: “Unreleased photo from ‘Star Life Theater‘ with Super Junior’s Shindong, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, and Kangin ^^,” along with the sparkling photo of the members above.

The members’ cute expressions as they huddled around cakes were captured during the KBS2documentary program’s filming.

Fans commented, “I enjoyed watching your ‘Star Life Theater’ special,” and “Your expressions are adorable.”


Source + Image: Ryeowook‘s Twitter | allkpop
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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kangin confirmed for ‘Goong’ musical


After the news of Super Junior‘s Kangin considering a role in the musical ‘Goong‘, SM Entertainment has announced that the member is now confirmed to participate.

On July 19th, officials revealed, “Kangin has been cast as the role of ‘Lee Shin’ in the musical ‘Goong’, which will begin in Japan this September. His casting was just recently confirmed, and he’s already participated in a number of rehearsals.”

They continued, “Kangin has experience as the leading role in the 2008 musical ‘Xanadu‘. He’s a talented guy so we believe that he’ll do well in ‘Goong’ as well.”

On rumors of him being cast in the musical ‘Late-Night Diner‘, they replied, “It’s true that he received a casting offer from the musical, but we haven’t progressed from there yet.”

Source + Photos: Mydaily

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[INFO] Super Junior’s Kangin finally shows up on TV

Recently, Super Junior has begun promotions for its sixth album on M Countdown.

In the episode of M.net’s M Countdown that aired on July 5, the group performed its new title track “Sexy, Free & Single” and another new song called “From U” which is said to be dedicated to their fans.

Because it is the first performance with Kangin since he got discharged from the Army, this latest album has more meaning to the group. Fans have shown high expectations for seeing Kangin again.

“Sexy, Free & Single” attracts ears from the very beginning with a powerful electronic music. Each member appeared in a distinctive black and white costume showing off a unique group dance.

For the performance of “From U,” Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung, the main vocalists of the group, appeared in the upper part of the stage in black suits while the other members performed rap and choreography at the lower half in white suits. The song is a medium tempo music in which members put an emphasis on sophisticated dance move..

Starting with M Countdown, Super Junior is to continue promoting their sixth album on the 6th, the 7th, and the 8th on KBS’s Music Bank, MBC’s Show! Music Center, and SBS’s Inkigayo.

Source: Starnews


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[INFO] Super Junior’s Kangin is taken by SNSD’s beauty


Super Junior’s Kangin recently expressed his affection for SNSD.

On July 3, Super Junior attended a press conference for their sixth album Sexy, Free & Single at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

When Kangin was asked about his life in the Army, he replied, “I started to think of the SNSD members as ladies 4 months after I joined the Army.”

He added, “I’ve known them since they were little and they have become gorgeous ladies after releasing their album Oh. I was watching TV one day and I felt like Taeyeon was winking at me. I visited the agency during my vacation, I hugged SNSD tight in spite of myself.”

“I’ve rested for 3 years but I don’t know how the time passed by so fast. Many things have changed during the past 3 years. I’m 29 years old now. I was 26 years old 3 years ago but now those people who are 26 seem very young to me. I think I was too happy when I was young.”

After Kangin had an incident in 2009, involving drunk driving and assault, he decided to join the Army to serve his duty.

Super Junior will return to performing on July 5 by appearing on Mnet’s M Countdown.


Source: Xportnews


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[INFO] Super Junior thanks fans for their support in 6jib messages


It is customary for artists to thank fans and important people whenever they release something new and Super Junior did just that as they thanked their fans for their everlasting support for their recently released 6jib Sexy, Free & Single.

The album marks a bittersweet moment for the members as it is their first release since Mr. Simple last year. Though they had to part ways with Heechul temporarily, the group welcomed Kangin back with open arms. However, they must once again say their farewells to leader Leeteuk and perhaps Yesung as they prepare for their military enlistment.

Check out their messages of love below!


You(,) who sincerely love (our?) music!!
Once again(,) I express infinite thanks!!
Listen to Super Junior’s 6th album(‘s) songs and make precious memories!!
With everyone’s precious clicks(,) we are able to run even harder(,) thank you for giving us so much energy!! Thank you!! I love you~!!



oh~!! every~one^^ such cuties~ ㅎㅎ thank you~ be happy always!!



Thank you for giving so much love to the album that I was waiting and looking forward to as fans! I will repay everyone’s love with even better music in the future!! Stay healthy always!


Hello~~~ I’m ShinDong!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to see U. Please visit to Korea!!!! Shall I be there? Oh, I’m hungry…. OMG!



I am Super Junior’s Sungmin^-^
Firstly(,) thank you loving our Super Junior’s album! We will also make everyone pleased through good music in the future~
Listening together with the performance shown on the stage(,) it is more handsome and exciting^-^!
Please also look forward to Super Junior’s activities in the future~!



Thank you~ I am Eunhyuk~ for buying the song officially(,) you’ve worked hard!! listen to it well^^



Donghae’s thanks to;

Hello~ I am Super Junior’s Donghae!
Please give our 6th album(,) Sexy free and Single lots of love~!
Buying the full songs like this(,) you will not regret.
It contains lots of good songs so please listen to it a lot~!



I hope that our music can become good memories for everyone. Remember this moment now.



Hello! I am Super Junior’s Ryeowook =) Thank you for giving so much love to Suju’s 6th album Sexy Free & Single



I want to express my thanks to everyone that receive a lot from and I will show a even better side to everyone~ lets do it together ^-^



Source: Ningin


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ELFs in full support for Super Junior’s comeback

Excitement and anticipation now runs high among Super Junior fans worldwide.

As soon as the news of the group’s comeback album broke out, social media sites were immediately flooded with well-wishes and eager anticipation.

Comments such as “Can’t wait for SUJU!”, “Extremely excited for the new album!” “Welcome back, Super Junior!” and “Super Junior’s comeback is the most awaited among all groups!” were all over the fanpages of Super Junior, and even SM Town.

Also very noticeable were the fans’ love and support for Kangin, as they posted: “Kangin oppa, fighting!”, “Kangin is coming back, can’t wait!”, “Congratulations for Kangin!” After spending two years in the military, Kangin reunites with the group in the sixth album.

Fans have expressed their full support for Super Junior, by promising to download the album online, and to purchase records as soon as they become available in music stores.

‘Sexy, Free, & Single’, the group’s sixth album, will be available for download on July 1st. CDs will be available in store come July 4th.

Source: SM Town

[NEWS] Super Junior’s Comeback Confirmed for July 1

Breaking out from their 11 month of hiatus, Super Junior has finally announced their return with sixth full-length album in early July.

Earlier today, Super Junior unveiled an image teaser of member Eunhyuk, looking mysterious in a blindfold made of white and pink flowers, as well as a completely different hairstyle.

Super Junior will make their comeback with sixth full-length album titled “Sexy, Free & Single.” The new album will be released on July 1st through music sites like MelOn, Genie and Naver Music.

Anticipation is at its peak for the new album as it will also mark the return of member Kangin who was released from his mandatory military obligations in April. As previously reported, Kangin will rejoin the group for comeback after being on a hiatus for a while.


Source: Dkpopnews

Super Junior’s Kangin to make his comeback through the musical “Goong”?

There have been recent reports stating that Super Junior‘s Kangin will be making his comeback into the entertainment industry with the lead role in the musical ‘Goong‘.

On June 11th, a spokesperson from SM stated, “It is true that Kangin was offered the lead role for the musical ‘Goong’, however this matter is still under review and no confirmation has been made.

Under the assumption that Kangin is confirmed to star in ‘Goong’, it will mark his comeback to the entertainment industry after three long years. Kangin enlisted into the army in 2010 to complete his mandatory military service and was discharged this year in April.

Additionally, ‘Goong’ was a popular drama series released by MBC in 2006 with a spin-off series ‘Goong S‘ released in 2007.  ’Goong’ is a story about young lovers living in a fictional modern-day Korea ruled by monarchy.

Source & Image: Osen

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