[NEWS] KARA’s Nicole visits SHINee’s Key for His Musical

KARA’s Nicole showed her support for fellow celebrity friend SHINee’s Key.

On the 6th, Nicole shared that she had visited Key saying, “Clap clap clap!! My Ki Bum, you did such a good job. His musical was amazing to watch~ Do well for tonight’s final show!” and posted several pictures from the musical.

In the photos, Nicole and Key can be seen flashing a friendly pose backstage while the other shots show performances from the musical “Catch Me If You Can”, which SHINee’s Key stars in.

Netizens commented, “I never knew they were good friends with each other”, “The fact that Nicole could visit Key without any makeup on like that proves that they really are friends!” and more.


Source: dkpopnews.net

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