[NEWS] SHINee’s Onew says, “I don’t like a girl who swears”

SHINee’s Onew talked about a type of a girl he doesn’t like.

On the episode of MBC TV’s Golden Fishery – Radio Star that aired on September 26, Kim Jung Nan, CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun, and SHINee’s Onew and Taemin made a guest appearance.

Onew was asked, “Is there anything about your girlfriend that you cannot forgive?” and he said, “I think I can forgive everything if she acts charming in front of me.”

At this, host Yoon Jung Shin asked, “Is there anything you hope your girlfriend doesn’t do?” and Onew said, “I don’t like a girl who swears.”

Onew also attracted a lot of attention by singing Noel’s “Proposal” in a romantic voice.


Source: Starnews

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[NEWS] SHINee’s Onew says, “My ideal types are Lee Na Young and Kim Jung Nan”

A charismatic pictorial of SHINee’s Onew was recently released.

Onew recently did a photo shoot for the October issue of the style magazine Singles. He was praised by the crew for his bold poses and provocative look in his eyes.

Onew also surprised the crew by posing on the edge of a tall building without hesitation.

In an interview conducted during the photo shoot, Onew was asked if there are any celebrities he likes, and he said, “I fell in love with Lee Na Young when she appeared on MBC TV’s Infinite Challenge, but I also like Kim Jung Nan because she said she likes me.”

Source: TV Report

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