[NEWS] T-ara members share their feelings on the situation that unfolded with Hwayoung’s departure

Mnet has just aired a show titled ‘T-ara’s Confession‘, in which the members of the group were interviewed about their feelings on the situation after the controversy with Hwayoung‘s leave.

The show was aired at 2PM KST on the 20th and showed footage from the group’s visit to Malaysia for their showcase. This also marked the first interview from the group as a whole on the topic of Hwayoung’s departure.

Soyeon carefully opened up the topic and apologized to fans as she commented, “Honestly, we are very sorry to our fans for a lot of things. For the fans overseas as well as fans in Korea, we feel as if we’re always bringing about worries.”

“We are very thankful and touched and feel strengthened by the messages that tell us to cheer up and have strength. However, we feel as if we’ve only done things to make fans tell us to have strength all the time, so we are always sorry. When we go where our fans are, we’re supposed to be paying back for the love they’ve given us, but instead it feels like we leave having earned strength from them instead, so we are always sorry and thankful,” Soyeon and Hyomin shared.

Hyomin, clearly emotional, carefully stated, “It really hasn’t been long since it happened. Of course there were some misunderstanding and there were things that happened…We are..it’s not like that…We ended up just keeping on with promoting and standing on stage right away… I have a hard time thinking to myself, ‘It’ll get better if we keep going on like this’ because every time we stand on stage and get together everyday, we think of what happened and we can’t help but remember it all. So honestly, because of that, I think that we need to do even better and work even harder,” she said, unable to hide her tears.

Hearing Hyomin’s words, the members could not stop their own tears as they reflected on the past events.

Soyeon summed up their current feelings as she stated, “In the past, we stood on stage for our dreams, but now we are standing on stage for those who are trying to be our source of strength and protecting us til the end.”

The group then attempted to dry their tears and lighten up the mood with a discussion on various topics. The girls decided to keep the atmosphere relaxed and natural by talking amongst themselves rather than right at the camera, revealing their opinions as well as their individual quirks on various topics through the honest and open talk session.


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[NEWS] T-ara appear on a TV show



Some members of T-ara appeared on the TV show Sebakwi.

In the episode of Sebakwi that aired on August 4, T-ara’s Eunjung, Jiyeon, and new member Areum made a guest appearance. Throughout the episode, they were bright.

In the episode, the T-ara members talked about reviews for their first concert in Japan and performed “Day By Day.” The new member Areum especially attracted a lot of attention by performing a hip-hop dance.

This episode was shot before Hwayoung left T-ara. It attracted a lot of attention because T-ara members appeared on the show after the controversy. However, some people complained about their appearance on the official website of Sebakwi.

After T-ara’s agency canceled its contract with Hwayoung, it announced the early end of T-ara’s promotion for “Day By Day” and the cancellation of their first concert in Korea, which was supposed to be held on August 11.


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