[OFFICIAL] U-KISS releases a black-and-white MV teaser for ‘STOP GIRL’

Boy group U-KISS has just released the MV teaser for their upcoming title track, STOP GIRL.

STOP GIRL is the title track of their 7th mini-album of the same name and on September 13th at noon KST, the group released the MV teaser. Their YouTube channel features the MV teaser in black-and-white, while their teaser released through Melon and Bugs is in color. The 30 second teaser shows a manlier and chicer side of the members and their choreography is just as great, though AJ’s presence can be felt.

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[NEWS] The teaser video of Super Junior’s “SPY” heats up the globe

The teaser video of Super Junior’s “SPY” is creating a stir just after its release.

The teaser video has been uploaded on Youtube, SM Town, Facebook SM Town, and Facebook Super Junior on the afternoon of August 3. The video attracts attention by displaying a whole new side of Super Junior.

“SPY” will be released at Melon, Genie, Soribada, and other music sites on August 5 at midnight. Along with its release, the sixth repackaged EP that contains Leeteuk and Donghae’s own written songs will be revealed. Fervent responses are to be expected on August 6 as the EP starts its sales offline.

Super Junior will start to perform “SPY” by first appearing on Mnet’s M Countdown on August 9. It will be a perfect performance with the mix of the addictive music and fancy choreographies.

Super Junior will attend SM Town Live World Tour III in Tokyo, which will be held on August 4 and 5 at Tokyo Dome and meet with Japanese fans.




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[NEWS] TEEN TOP goes all black for new ‘Be Ma Girl’ MV teaser

Boy group TEEN TOP has released a new MV teaser for upcoming summer special single Will You Go Out With Me?.

The teaser pictures have been refreshing as they portray the six members in a different and brighter light, a look that is a 180 degree turn from their previous release. An MV teaser was released a few days ago, with the members in glow-in-the-dark outfits and now, the group has released a second MV teaser for title trackBe Ma Girl. This time, all members look slick in their black outfits, giving fans a new look.


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[OFFICIAL] U-KISS releases a special MV for ‘Dear My Friend’

After wrapping up activities in Korea with 6th mini-album DORADORA and special mini-album The Special to KISSME, U-KISS will be resuming their promotional activities in Japan with 3rd Japanese single Dear My Friend.

The single is set to be released on July 25th and ahead of the single release date, a short PV has been revealed. Instead of your conventional, traditional PVs where the groups dance and sing to the song, a rather special PV has been made. The PV is comprised of recording BTS footage from the song as well as clips from U-KISS’ visit to South American country, Columbia. Though fans may be disappointed that there will not be a regular PV, their hearts should be touched by seeing U-KISS’ happy expressions.

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[OFFICIAL] CNBLUE drops ‘Come On’ PV

Boy band CNBLUE is set to release their 2nd Japanese single Come On on August 1st this year and after releasing a short teaser of the PV, the boys of CNBLUE bring to you the full PV.

The song contains more of a rock theme as evidenced by the sounds and looks that the group members sport in the PV. The PV contains more of a darker feel as the members rock out to the song in the dimly lit room.


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[OFFICIAL] Super Junior releases 6jib ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ highlight medley

Just hours away until the release of their 6th album Sexy, Free & Single, the men of Super Junior have released a highlight medley featuring all ten songs from the album, courtesy of SMTOWN.

The 6th album is set to contain a variety of song genres, from electronic dance to the soulful and emotional vibes of ballads. This album marks the return of Kangin as he has completed his two-year enlistment and sees Leeteuk for the last time before he himself departs for the army.

Take a listen below!


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