B.A.P Chills With Their Matokis


After revealing their Matokis one by one throughout the month of March, B.A.P.has revealed a group photo with all of their Matokis!

In addition to the group shot, the Matokis have continued on their Earthventure…and looks like they’ve even brought Colonel Sanders on board with them!

Source: Ningin

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[NEWS] B.A.P will make a showcase tour in Asia

B.A.P will make a showcase tour in Asia although it has only been five months since their debut.

On June 11, TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, said, “B.A.P will soon make a showcase tour in Asia.”

Starting at Cotai Arena in Macao on July 2, B.A.P will hold a showcase in Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

The showcase tour has been planned at the request of several fans who have wanted to see B.A.P after the showcase held at Jangchung Gymnasium in January and the fan meeting in Singapore.

A spokesperson for B.A.P says, “Including Asian countries, we’re continuously receiving calls from the countries in North and South America and Europe. As this year’s B.A.P’s first year to enter the overseas market, we will focus on Korea and Asian countries first.”


Source: TV Report

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