[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun says, “Group leaders of SM are privileged”


Super Junior’s Kyuhyun revealed that leaders of the groups represented by SM Entertainment are privileged.

On the episode of MBC TV’s Golden Fishery – Radio Star that aired on September 26, actress Kim Jung Nan and CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun, who appeared in the drama series A Gentleman’s Dignity, and SHINee’s Taemin and Onew made a guest appearance.

Onew is a leader of SHINee, and the hosts asked Onew, “Do you like to be the leader of SHINee?” Onew said yes without a moment of hesitation.

Kyuhyun, who is represented by Onew’s agency, said, “Group leaders of SM Entertainment are privileged. When Super Junior go abroad, the leader stays in a suite. My room is so small that I feel like I just have to go to bed right away, but Leeteuk’s suite is so big.”

At this, Onew got laughs by saying, “I think SHINee’s case is a little big different. I stay with my manager when we go abroad.”

On the episode, Lee Jong Hyun also got laughs by saying he’s a member of a social group Kyuhyun has formed.


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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun: “She is my idol but she only likes SHINee’s Onew”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun recently released a picture he took with actress Kim Jung Nan.

On September 25, Kyuhyun tweeted a picture with the comment, “Finally this week. An idol for younger men and me, Park Min Sook. But she only likes SHINee’s Onew.”

In the picture, Kyuhyun is smiling next to Kim and Kim is staring at the camera while standing arm in arm with Kyuhyun. Kim previously tweeted a picture and proved that she is a fan of Onew.

Kim, however, saw Kyuhyun’s comment and made people laugh by replying, “Kyuhyun, you’re attractive too.” People who saw the picture responded: “I envy Kim standing next to Kyuhyun.” “Kim is an attractive woman!” “They both look good.”

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[TWITTER UPDATE] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun teases fans with a shot of his upper chest for entertainment Super Junior’s Kyuhyun teases fans with a shot of his upper chest for entertainment

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, also known as the evil maknae, has teased fans with his latest selca.

Kyuhyun, who is currently in Greece with fellow members Ryeowook and Eunhyuk, has been updating fans on his whereabouts and activities, sharing some scenic pictures as well as meal pictures with his members. His latest selca is taken on Kamari Beach where the playful singer wrote, “Just for entertainment! ^ ^ Kamari Beach!!” Kyuhyun is seen with no make-up on his face, but he has revealed a bit of his upper chest, something that hasn’t been seen by fans before.

It seems that going to the beach is an excellent idea as his skin is milky white and could probably use a bit of help from the sun.

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120910 Eunhyuk reveals that Kyuhyun monitors himself while drunk

Group Super Junior’s Eunhyuk revealed something about Kyuhyun.

On the 12th on cable channel MBCEvery1 ‘Weekly Idol’, Super Junior will make an appearance and hold a session where they confirm the members’ profiles and specialities.

In this episode, Eunhyuk caused much laughter by imitating Kyuhyun’s behavior while he is in the dorm. Eunhyuk said, “In the dorm, Kyuhyun usually drinks wine and monitors himself in Radio Star and laughs very loudly.”

Eunhyuk also imitated Kyuhyun’s loud and rather annoying laugh.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun refused that he monitored himself drunk but the other members kept proving him wrong.

This episode will air on the 12th.


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[INFO] Super Junior at Sukira with ELFs

Leeteuk, Yesung and Donghae updated their Twitter account photos of the group at Sukira together with ELFs. ^^

Yesung stated, “ELF who were together with us for Sukira !! Thank you and love you^^” while Donghae tweets in full English saying, “KBS Kiss the Radio 끝 !!^^ You are my Best !! Good Night ELF !! ” and lastly, their leader, Leeteuk quoted, “The first radio show since comeback, Sukira..!!It was good to come again to a place like home!! And it was the most number of people who came to KBS!! Moreover there were those from overseas.. Thank you!!!!”

The three members attached a photo almost similar with one another.




and Leeteuk’s:

Kangin is missing in the photo. Maybe he’s the one taking the photos. And where’s Siwon? xD See how Kyu-Min sit next to each other ^^


SOURCE: Super Junior Yesung, Donghae, Leeteuk‘s Twitter

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