[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jun Su: “I didn’t care what I looked like”


JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently talked about his appearance.

Kim, who has magnificently transformed himself as a solo singer, shot a pictorial and gave an interview for the star life style magazine @star1. He also explained why he had the gender neutral concept for his first solo EP Tarantallegra.

Kim said, “I couldn’t imagine getting my nails done or dying my hair brilliant colors. I was not interested in making myself pretty and I just thought that I have to sing well as a singer. But the musical Das Musical Elisabeth, in which I played the role of a dreamlike man named Tod, changed me.”

“I felt like I’m far apart from the character. I looked at the mirror and I decided to lose some weight. Singing is still my priority but since my job is to show myself to the public, I can’t overlook my appearance. Now I feel rather weird if I don’t get my nails done.”

Kim talks about his fashion, world tour, plans as a musical actor, and his everyday life through the October issue of the magazine, which was published on September 20.

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[NEWS] JYJ show off their clean skin in white clothes


JYJ recently did a TV commercial shoot.

Having recently started working as models for the cosmetics brand Tony Moly, JYJ did a TV commercial shoot for the brand. In the shoot, JYJ showed off both a classy, charismatic look and a gentle, warm look.

Kim Seung Chul, the director of the Marketing Department of Tony Moly, says, “We could conduct the commercial shoot in a friendly mood because of JYJ’s professional attitude and enthusiastic cooperation. Through this commercial of JYJ with some other great models, we’ll promote the trendy, urban image of Tony Moly globally.”

JYJ will continue working as models for the brand in Asia, except for Japan. The commercial can be seen on TV and papers from next month.

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[INFO] JYJ’s Jun Su sings a soundtrack of Nice Guy

JYJ’s Jun Su recently attracted a lot of attention by singing a soundtrack of KBS 2TV’s drama series Nice Guy, “Love Is Like A Snowflake.”

Jun Su’s song was released in the preview of the fifth episode of the series, which aired on September 20. Jun Su’s name didn’t appear at the end credits, but viewers recognized his distinctive voice.

C-JeS Entertainment, Jun Su’s agency, says, “Jun Su sang ‘Love Is Like A Snowflack’ for the drama series Nice Guy. The song will be released online on September 26. This song is a ballad, which describes feelings of a man who has lost his lover he was desperately in love with.”

Jun Su says, “I sang this song as if I were crying out for love. I hope many people like this song.” The soundtrack of SBS TV’s drama series Scent of a Woman, sung by Jun Su, was a big hit last year, and the special soundtrack of the musical Elizabeth is also very popular now.

A spokesperson for the drama series Nice Guy says, “Jun Su has created a good-quality soundtrack with his great voice. A lot of people are already inquiring about the soundtrack.”

Nice Guy is currently recording the highest audience rating among all drama series airing at the same time. The audience rating of the fourth episode was 13.3 percent.


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[INFO] JYJ are selected as a new face of Tony Moly

JYJ were recently selected as a new face of Tony Moly.

On September 17, the cosmetic brand Tony Moly announced that it has selected JYJ as its new exclusive models.” JYJ will model for the brand in all Asian countries, including Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand (except for Japan), for an year.

Kim Seung Chul, the director of the Marketing Department of Tony Moly, says, “JYJ are the best Hallyu singing group in and out of Korea. As we’re trying to expand our business abroad, we’re expecting JYJ will help our brand to become globally well-known.”

The Tony Moly’s TV commercial can be seen at all stores of Tony Moly and on TV from next month. A spokesperson for Tony Moly says, “Each JYJ member’s stylish, gentle look and the trendy, urban concept of Tony Moly will achieve synergy, invigorating the brand.”


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[INFO] JYJ’s Jun Su records a song with the best American producers

JYJ’s Jun Su started working on recording for a repackaged album with the best American producers.

C-jes Entertainment, Jun Su’s agency, says, “Jun Su is currently recording a song in English for his world tour. He’ll soon shoot a music video for the song. I cannot tell you the title and genre of the song yet, but the songwriter Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer from Sony Music participated in the production of the song. He’s a talented songwriter who has worked with Christina Aguilera, The Wanted, and Leona Lewis.”

A person related with the American music industry says, “Many American producers are interested in Asian artists nowadays. This project also started as some of American producers got to be interested in C-jes’s plan and JYJ’s talents. The success of their world tour is guaranteed and this song will entertain many global music fans.”

The songwriter Automatic says, “I was surprised by Jun Su. He sings with sincerity. I was thinking of two days to record but just one day was enough for him. I was very surprised by him throughout the recording. I’m so happy that I could work with him.”

The best American producer and crew members will also participate in creating a music video of the song.

The music video director Marc Klasfeld, who will direct Jun Su’s music video, produced a music video of “We Are Young,” which recently topped the Billboard Chart, and has worked with Beyonce, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Far East Movement.

Klasfeld says, “I was very surprised by the music video of Jun Su’s ‘Tarantallegra.’ His performance was great and his acting was also very good. I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Jun Su says, “I got confidence after releasing a worldwide album and going on a world tour. I believe it’s bringing such good results. I’m so happy to work with such great artists.”

The repackaged album will be released in mid-August. Jun Su will go on a world tour to North and South America and Europe from the end of August to October.


Source: TV Report

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