120725 Luna Me2day Update: With Eunhyuk oppa, pink look

The day we shot the photos for SM ART Exhibition! With Eunhyuk oppa, pink look ~ You must be tired of having the promotion, please take care of your health! Eunhyuk oppa and Super Junior oppas, everyone fighting~♥ Our Sulli also fighting for drama shooting~^^



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[INFO] f(x) members reveal that they quickly grew close by farting

The members of f(x) revealed how they got comfortable with one another very quickly.

f(x) members Luna, Amber, and Krystal guest-featured on the July 16th broadcast of SBS Power FM 107.7 MHzPark So Hyun’s Love Game‘.

When DJ Park So Hyun asked when they first got comfortable enough to pass gas in front of one another, Luna remarked, “Our choreography instructor passes gas and burps extremely openly and comfortably, and we got used to that kind of atmosphere. It felt natural as we were growing closer to one another. We grew closer quicker, thanks to gas!”

Park So Hyun then hilariously asked who was the first to cut the cheese, the girls responded, “No one was really first, we just all started doing it,” causing the entire studio to erupt into laughter.

In related news, f(x) recently wrapped up promotions for “Electric Shock” with a final performance on SBSInkigayo‘.


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[INFO] f(x) is free and easy: “We use public transportation”

Girl group f(x) recently said that they use public transportation often.

On July 16, f(x) appeared in SBS Radio Power FM Park So Hyun’s Love Game and said that they use public transportation.

The audience and DJ Park So Hyun asked f(x) members if they really use buses often even though they are busy doing their schedules.

They surprised many people by answering, “We take buses a lot.” Amber said, “I attend Korean Language school everyday so I ride the bus every morning.”

Luna also said, “People doesn’t quite believe it’s me or not. I have to be at school by eight or nine so I use public transportation every morning.”

Amber showed off her free and easy personality by saying, “The subway is really comfortable.” Luna also said, “The bus is really comfortable too.”


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20101231 MBC Gayo Daejun FT Island + CNBlue Band Battle ( with Onew + Luna + Junsu + IU )


For those who want to know what songs they have sung, just read it below!

1. CNBLUE — Love
2. FT Island – Love Love Love
3. FTI + CNB – 신중현(Shin JungHyun) — 미인 (Beautiful Woman)
4. CNB + ONEW – 이적 (Lee Juck) — 하늘을달리다 (Run Across the Sky)
5. FTI + JUNSU – 신승훈 (Shin Seung hoon) – 처음 그 느낌처럼 (Like the first feeling)
6. LUNA – Cherry Filter – 낭만 고양이 (Romantic Kitty)
7. IU – 자우림(JAURIM) – 매직 카펫 라이드(Magic Carpet Ride)
8. ALL – 이승환 – 세상에 뿌려진 사랑만큼


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[INFO] f(x)’s Luna confesses she would like to collaborate with TEEN TOP’s L.Joe

f(x) member Luna drew attention after admitting she had an eye for TEEN TOP member L.Joe.

Member Luna of girl group f(x) who recently released their hit song “Electric Shock” made a guest-appearance on the July 11th broadcast of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘.

MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked Luna if there was a male artist she would like to perform a duet with. When Luna selected SHINee‘s Onew, they asked her to pick someone outside of SM Entertainment.

Luna then grabbed the attention of the MCs when she responded she would like to collaborate with TEEN TOP rapper L.Joe. “Most people would have selected vocalists Niel or Chunji, but the fact that you selected L.Joe means you have a 100% crush on him,” the MCs hilariously tried to argue.

I’ve seen TEEN TOP’s stage before, and Niel has a lot of camera time,” Luna said. “I’ve seen him dance and sing a lot. But on the other hand, L.Joe stays in the back and only appears during the key moments.”

The MCs then asked Luna to send L.Joe a video message, but Luna refused saying, “If I do that kind of thing, it becomes so awkward when I see him in person.

Luna then began singing a song from her musical ‘Legally Blonde‘, and when she sang ”Will he ask me, ‘will you marry me’?”, the MCs continued to tease her saying, “With L.Joe?”, causing her to become dumbstruck.

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[INFO] f(x)’s Luna sets the record straight regarding her height

f(x)’s Luna vehemently argued against the rumor that her height is in the 150cm range.

On the MBC Every1 variety show ‘Weekly Idol‘ that will air on July 11th, f(x), who is currently receiving a lot of love with their hit song ‘Electric Shock‘ appeared as guests and there was a segment where they got to rewrite their profiles which have not changed since their debut.

But people were really interest in f(x) member Luna’s height and actively tried to find out what it was.

Luna said, “I am definitely over 160cm but people keep saying that I am only 151cm.  I want to verify my height here,” and slammed her hands on the table and stood up.  With people looking on, they brought out a tape measure and Jung Hyun Don measured her and said, “She definitely is over 160cm,” and cleared up the frustration she had within her.

Luna responded by saying, “I am so relieved now.  The average height of the members are at 168cm and I looked so small between them that I was so stressed,” and revealed how she felt deep within herself.

Also on the program, other things were revealed such as Amber’s hidden drawing talents, the love the members have for meat, and the idol that Luna wants to do a duet with.

‘Weekly Idol’ featuring f(x) will air on the 11th at 6:00pm KST.

Source: XSports News via Naver


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f(x) ranks first with their song “Electric Shock”

Girl group f(x) broke through over 600,000 downloads in only a week of their new song release.

On June 21, according to the Gaon Chart, f(x)’s title song “Electric Shock” from their second mini album recorded 630,510 downloads and ranked first on weekly download chart for the 4th week of June.

Wonder Girls’ new song “Like This” ranked second with 334,866 downloads, which is almost two times less than f(x)’s record.

Other songs “Jet” and “Beautiful Stranger” from f(x)’s album also received considerable attention by ranking 13th and 16th.

Hyungdon and Daejun’s “The Gloomy Song” ranked third (290,038 downloads) and Big Bang’s “Monster,” which ranked first last week, dropped 3 places down to fourth and recorded 286,386 downloads.

K. will’s new song “We Never Go Alone” ranked fifth (244,814 downloads) and Verbal Jint’s “Good Morning” went up 19 steps and ranked sixth (240,275 downloads).

Ulala Session’s “Goodbye Day,” which is for the TV series Gaksital, comedian Shin Bo Ra’s “Crying with Longing,” which is for Ghost, and B2ST’s “Hateful Person,” which is for Big, entered the Top 10 list by ranking seventh, eighth, and ninth.


Source: korea.com