[NEWS] Sistar’s Dasom shows off a cute look

Sistar’s Dasom recently showed off a cute look.

On October 18, the production team of KBS 2TV’s sitcom series Shut Up Family released some snapshots of Dasom on the set.

In the snapshots, Dasom is staring at the camera with a cute look on her face. She’s also showing off a lively look, making a V-sign with her fingers. She looks completely different from her smart, two-faced character in the series.

According to reports, Dasom is always creating a friendly mood on the set despite the tight shooting schedule.

People responded: “Dasom is so cute.” “Dasom doesn’t look evil.” “Dasom is so attractive.” “I didn’t know Dasom could be this cute.”

The series airs from Monday through Friday at 7:45 p.m.


Source: TV Report

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[INFO] Sistar celebrates its first exclusive concert with a cake

Recently, Sistar posted a picture taken in a greenroom.

On September 15, the group wrote on its official Twitter account, “We want to thank all of you who were with us at our first exclusive concert, ‘Femme Fatales’!! It was so fun and exciting. Here’s a surprise event! Stay with us! We love you STAR1,” and attached a picture.

All four members appear in white shirts and hot pants, holding a cake together and smiling towards the camera. Each member appeals with her distinctive color and charm.

Netizens who saw the posting commented: “Last night’s concert was awesome.” “All four of them are full of charms.” “Sistar is sexy.”

On September 15, Sistar held its first exclusive concert titled “Femme Fatales” at the Olympic Hall in the Seoul Olympic Park.

Source: Xportsnews

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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] FTISLAND reveals the MV for ‘I Wish’


FTISLAND is back with their 4th full-length album FIVE TREASURE BOX.

On September 10th, the band, who had promoted Severely earlier this year, released the MV for their new title track I Wish. The MV features all the members with the girl they love (played by AOA’s Hyejeong) and they seem to be reminiscing the good old days with the girl and finally telling the girl “I love you”.

I Wish has a bit of a Latin sound, especially with the beginning of the song. Watch it below! They will begin promotions on September 13th at M! Countdown, which Hongki is currently the MC of.


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[INFO] Sistar’s Bora says, “I felt uncomfortable to compete against 4Minute”



Sistar’s Bora recently attracted attention by saying, “I didn’t want to compete against 4Minute.”

In the episode of QTV’s 4Minute’s Travel Maker that will air on August 1, Sistar make guest appearances and frankly talk about their relationships with 4Minute.

Because 4Minute and Sistar have always released their albums around the same time, they unwillingly had to compete against each other. Bora says, “People always compared us to 4Minute. I thought it was too much. I felt uncomfortable and didn’t like it.”

Sistar’s So You, who used to be a trainee of Cube Entertainment, says, “When Sistar topped the chart, I had nightmares for three days. I felt sad because 4Minute members were my close friends.”

4Minute’s leader Nam Ji Hyun also says, “I always got questions about Sistar whenever I had an interview.”

Besides, Nam’s special dish, Nam Ji Hyun’s Rice Pizza, is unveiled in the episode.


Source: TV Report

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[NEWS] SISTAR celebrates their ‘Music Bank’ trophy with a group shot


After clinching the coveted first place trophy on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘, SISTAR member Hyorin took to her Twitter account to celebrate, uploading a picture that shows the SISTAR members (minus Bora) giddily commemorating their win for ‘Loving U‘.

“Thank you so much for an unexpected present!” Hyorin said. “It’s all because of our fans. We promise to keep our focus and work hard going forward.”

Their fans celebrated the occasion as well. “I really like ‘Loving U’,” enthused a fan. “Congratulations to all the SISTAR members,” praised another.

Source: Sports Donga via Naver


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[INFO] SISTAR’s Dasom reveals, “My CEO treats me differently from Hyorin”

On the July 12th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, SISTAR‘s Dasom revealed how she once felt neglected by her agency’s CEO.

The singer opened up by saying, “My agency’s CEO treats me differently from Hyorin.”

Dasom went on to share that she didn’t receive any calls from her CEO on her birthday, but he made sure to congratulate Hyorin on her’s.

She also recalled how she injured herself during a performance abroad, and had to stay in the hospital for a few days. Though no one from her agency came to visit her, when Hyorin once had to go to the hospital, the agency CEO came in and had even prepared Hyorin something to eat. Dasom confessed that she cried because she felt so upset at the time, causing the guests on set to empathize with her.

In response to this, 2PM‘s Wooyoung revealed his group’s ways of taking revenge on J.Y. Park when he does something to disappoint them.

Source & Image: Naver


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SISTAR to make a summer comeback in June


SISTAR has announced that they’ll be joining the rush of comebacks this summer!

The girls have revealed that they’ll be releasing a special summer album this month. Representatives confirmed, “After making a retro transformations with ‘Alone‘, the girls will be going back to show their characteristic charms this summer. It’s a song that maximizes their uniqueness.”

While ‘Alone’ is still at the top of the charts nearly two months into its release, the girls won’t be taking any breaks as they dive straight back into the market with an exciting new dance track that will put them right alongside the comebacks of Big Bang, Wonder Girls, f(x), After School, Dal Shabet and more.

Check back for their teaser releases!

Source + Photos: Star News

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